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ANGE1 get First Win for the Ukraine Nation Team

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 Украина [2:0]  Хорватия @bo3
16:5 @inferno, 16:2 @cobblestone

The class of the blue and yellow team players was way higher than their Croatian vis-a-vis. From the first rounds on de_inferno we could see an obvious domination performed by our boys. It was easy to play on the counter-terrorist side for the Ukrainians: they took 14 rounds in the first half and thus claimed that the game would end very fast. But the Croatian didn't give up and gave a fight to ANGE1 and Co. They managed to hold on only for 5 rounds, and then the Ukrainian wrapped up the victory.  

The Ukraine nation team started the second map on the terrorist side and even this didn't keep them from taking rounds with the enviable constancy. 13:2 is the score of the first half, and the second one ended with 2:0. The victory is in the pocket of the Ukraine team.  

 Kirill «ANGE1» Karasyov has commented this meeting:

«It was just a regular match. The Croatians didn't manage to set something against us and thus we got a victory. We can't wind down though, we will have much stronger rivals very soon and we will try not to fail».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!