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Coverage: Faceit League 2015 Stage 3

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ANGE1 and Co. will begin fighting for the place in the league by Faceit on September 1. The prize fund of the tournament is 275,000 US Dollars! 


Tournament Policy

Ten teams are taking part in the battle, four of which have got the invitation, and the rest four got through the open qualifiers and two more teams came from the second stage of the qualifiers. The system is the single-elimination bracket with the best-of-three match format. Only two teams out of all participants will get the slot in the main tournament, where they will continue fighting for the huge prize fund. 

Match schedule (CET):

HellRaisers [2:1] Reason Gaming (4:16 @overpass, 16:14 @cobblestone, 16:4 @dust2)

HellRaisers [2:1] SK Gaming (11:16 @inferno, 16:14 @train, 16:2 @cobblestone)

HellRaisers [2:0] Natus Vincere (16:8 @overpass, 15:15 @dust2, inferno)

Play-off (CET)

          Natus Vincere    
  SK Gaming        0:2   HellRaisers
 2:0   SK Gaming      
     1:2   HellRaisers  
 2:1   HellRaisers      
  E-Frag.net        1:2   Kinguin
 2:0   E-Frag.net      
     1:2   Kinguin  
 2:0   Kinguin      
  Vega Squadron          


 HellRaisers: ANGE1, AdreN, Dosia, mou, kUcheR

 Natus Vincere: Zeus, seized, Edward, flamie, GuardiaN

 Flipsid3 Tactics: B1ad3, bondik, WorldEdit, markeloff, DavCost

 PiTER: jmqa, dERZKIY, spiker, waterfaLLZ, facecrack

 Vega Squadron: jR, Mir, Keshandr, lamp, norison
 Alientech: ZELIN, ScRm, zlynx, zneiL, KillDreaM

 SK Gaming: AcilioN, cadiaN, SandeN, BERRY, Friis

 Reason: JUGI, k0nfig, HUNDEN, tabu, maeVe

 E-Frag.net: dream3r, v1c7oR, bubble, spyleadeR, nkl

 Kinguin: ScreaM, Maikelele, fox, rain, dennis