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ANGE1 will Play for the Ukraine National Team

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World Championships 2015 European Qualifier

  Ukraine vs  Croatia @bo3
31.08, 16:30 СЕТ 

 Ukraine lineup: ANGE1, s1mple, markeloff, Edward, Zeus
 Croatia lineup: Caliph, MadBonE, tom b, dogma, NyX

The Ukraine team will play the first match within the qualifying stage of the world championship today. Among the members of the team there will be also the Capitan of HellRaisers, Kirill Karasyov. He, together with two former HR players (who play for Flipsid3 Tactics now), markeloff and s1mple, and two Na`Vi representatives, Edward and Zeus, will be playing against the strongest players from Croatia. 

Today's rivals don't have well-known players in their roster. However, these boys will be playing together within the national team not for the first time, since they already have two victories over the teams from Montenegro and Italy. Of course, the Ukrainians are obvious favorites of this match, but we shouldn't underestimate Nyx and Co. anyway.  

The beginning of the game is set for 16:30 CET. Don't miss it!