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HellRaisers didn’t reach the 99DMG Arena #13 Final

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  Efrag.net @bo3
13:16 @overpass, 8:16 @dust2

The history of battles between these two teams is very reach and interesting. The Bulgarian team is a very uncomfortable opponent for our boys, who rarely makes mistakes and always confidently complies with the instructions of the Capitan. However, at the LAN Finals of Acer Predaror Masters HellRaisers managed to get on the right side of bubble and Co, having beat them in a very important match. Today our boys didn't work in the same way though. 

It was seen that the game of EFrag was changed since the last meeting of the teams. HellRaisers picked two almost the most strongest their maps  and showed a quality anti-game. ANGE1 and Co. needed a little more luck in the clutches on de_overpass, and this, as a result, cost them a victory. On de_dust2 it was better with the clutches, but it didn't come to it very often. Remember the gained 1 v 3 round by kUcheR! The Bulgarians, surprisingly, showed themselves in a good way on the attack side, having taken 10 rounds in the first half and it turned out to be enough for them to push the matter through in the second half of the map. 

 Mikhail «Dosia» Stolyarov's comment:

«It is always hard for us to play after a rest. We weren't really ready for the game and this became a key moment, which lead to the defeat».

Our boys have to leave the tournament now. However there will be many of them ahead! You can find more information about 99DMG Arena #13 in our report.  

Cheer for HellRaisers!