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HR get the second victory at CEVO S8

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CEVO Season 8

 HellRaisers [2:0]  Property @bo2

16:9 @cbble 16:9 @inferno

The de_cobblestone map performed by one of the strongest Swedish team had to become a difficult challenge for our team. The pick of this map was thought to be as uncomfortable for our boys, but as a result the victory was celebrated by HellRaisers. A confidante defense, sometimes an aggressive one, but safe, proved its value. Property didn't manage to win more than three rounds on the attack side. After the side switching the Swedes felt confidence and started taking rounds, coming closer to our boys. However, berg and Co. didn't have enough stability to carry this comeback thorough. ANGE1 put a dot on the first map with a one-second double headshot. The score is 16:9. 

On de_inferno HellRaisers had to start on the terrorist side. The fast split of the B plant through the CT respawn on the pistol round worked perfectly: one of the most important rounds were sent to the HellRaisers' account. When the score was 5:0 in our favor, the Scandinavians finally let themselves make a good buy, which immediately brought its profit: they took the initiative and even leveled the score. But it turned out to be not enough: after the side switching HR didn't lose the temp and pushed the matter through — 16:9.

 Emil «kUcheR» Ahundov, the MVP of the match's comment:

«After a short break and rest we started playing better a bit. On some maps we switched our positions on the defense side and it seems to work. Property chose de_cobblestone against us, since we are playing it rather bad. On de_inferno it was more comfortable to play after the positions switching. So, we will keep training a lot, we have a lot of power. We'll try not to upset you!»

After this victory HellRaisers beat Flipsid3 and took the second place in the standings of the CEVO S8 online season. There is more information in our report

Cheer for HellRaisers!