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ShtanUdachi answering questions

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Since August 12 everyone had an opportunity to ask a question to Alexey «ShtanUdachi» Barsukov, the player, who has taken the place in the main part of the SLTV StarSeries Season 1 tournament. It is time to answer them. Enjoy reading!  

Klod: Whom do you like play most? Can you show a couple of decks? 
ShtanUdachi: Lately, I prefer playing midrange tempo decks, which had combo elements. For example, Malygos Warlock, Oil Rogue. I also like Handlock. The decks I've been recently playing are Rogue, Warlock, Warrior and Mage. 

olejga: How fast did you get the legendary rank? 
ShtanUdachi: Firstly, I set a goal to collect decks and wasn't really going to climb the summit of the rating, so the first 2-3 seasons were just about arenas. I took the legendary rank in the third season by Priest. 

4ihoka: Shtan, you are a professional player, aren't you? So why do you have so many wins on the arena? Why do you play it so much?  
ShtanUdachi: I started playing this game from the Arenas, I did like them. The Arenas help to understand how the decks are built, why we setup this card and not another one, where you should make a right exchange and other things about the theory and concept of the game. I think this is very useful to puzzle out such things on the arena before you go to summit the ladder. I continue playing the arenas to keep fit.  

Polson1: Hi, Alexey. How do you think who are the top5 players of the Hearthstone CIS stage and 5 ones of the EU stage?
ShtanUdachi: This is a quite difficult question. In my opinion, there are many dignified names. If I should say ones, let it be Pavel, OldZWolf, Lucky, NickChipper, Lostov — the CIS players. Firebat, Ostkaka, StanCifka, Kolento, Lifecoah — EU.
petr1k: Were the qualifiers for Starladder difficult? 
ShtanUdachi: Yeah, they were. All players were very strong and each of them could win the qualifiers. 

How do you estimate you own strength in the main tournament? 
It is not very easy to answer this questions as well. You can't surely call the favorites of the tournament. I don't consider myself to be weaker than other participants, so I have not less chances than others do.  

Jordisson: What is your attitude towards the news update called The Grand Tournament? 
ShtanUdachi: I like it. The more cards the more decks, tactics and space for deck building and it makes the game more interesting. Although I don't think that a lot of cards will be played a lot, I believe that there will be more variety for sure. I'm still testing the new card, so I haven't tried out all of them. 

Jordisson: How do you think will the meta be grossly changed  after such number of new cards? 
ShtanUdachi:  The meta will be changed for sure. There are already a few decks with new cards, which show themselves in a good way: different decks with dragons, new druids, agro paladins with a big number of secrets, new tempo mages. However, it is not easy to say how much the metagame will be changed. The new cards didn't really affect the patron warrior though, it looks like he will save his top position. 

Very soon you will have an opportunity to ask questions to a HellRaisers CS:GO player. Whom? Follow the news on our website you will be the first one to find out! 

Cheer for HellRaisers!