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Kucha is a New HellRaisers.Hearthstone Player

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HellRaisers continue to expand and gain momentum, and together with it young CIS players, who show excellent results and do surprise, brake in the professional stage. It is not a secret for anyone that HellRaisers are looking for prospective players, and today we present you one more young talented player in the Blizzard card game. His name is Alexander «Kucha» Kulinich!

Not so long ago Kucha got the invitation by the SLTV StarSeries Season 1 organizers to the close CIS qualifiers, where only two slots in the main stage of the tournaments were at stack. They had to get through the uneasy way, but he managed to beat DTolm, Tataby, Rezakoman and ShtanUdachi in the final, having got the place in the tournament. 

We have already asked a few questions to Alexander. 

— From now you are the member of the HellRaisers organization in the Hearthstone discipline. What does it mean for you?
— Some of the best CIS players have been gathered in HellRaisers. I hope that thanks to the comminication with them I may improve my game. I am also sure that together with the team we will become more famous within the esports stage and I will do my best to get it.  

— Alexander, could you tell us about the qualifiers for the first season of the Starladder tournament? You have beat many famous CIS players without some difficulties and played the biggest number of games with ShtanUdachi. What opponent was the hardest one for you?  
— In a week before the beginning of the qualifiers I was contacted by the people from Starladder and offered to play. I agreed without thinking. I had to change my plans, of course, and spend a week training, but it wasn't a waste of time. As for the qualifying tournament, I can say that all rivals showed a good level, and the game against ShtanUdachi turned out to be the most interesting and difficult one. He is a strong player and his victory in the loser bracket does prove it. It is also noteworthy that some rivals were not very friendly to me after the losses. I think that real sportsmen don't do that.  

— The main part of the tournament is about to begin. How do you think, will the players use the cards of the new update in the official matches? How do you estimate your chances against the world-class players? 
— We've got a week to build up our decks. I think this time is enough for most participants to find the optimal cards in their decks for the ladder, as well as for me. I'm sure that my gaming experience in Magic: The Gathering, where the metagame is changed every 3 months will help me with building up the decks. I think I have all chances to win and hope that the luck will be on my side. 

 Maksym Bednarsky​, the general manager of HellRaisers, has commented:

«Our organization is always looking for young and perspective players. Kucha has shown an excellent result at the qualifiers for SLTV and thus earned a place in the ranks of HellRaisers. I'm sure that Alexander will do his best to fulfil the potential and take the place among the strongest players of the world»

The roster of HellRaisers in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft:

  •  Alexey «Lostov» Fursov
  •  Nikolai «NickChipper» Velichko
  •  Alexey «ШтанУдачи» Barsukov
  •  Alexander «Kucha» Kulinich

The beginning of the main part of SLTV StarSeries Season 1 has been planned for September 3, so do not miss the matches of our players!

Cheer for HellRaisers!