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HellRaisers Start with a Victory at CEVO S8

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CEVO Season 8

 HellRaisers [2:0]  Infinity @bo2
16:13 @dust2, 16:5 @inferno

The interesting decision by our team was seen in the drafting stage. The first ban of HellRaisers was the de_mirage map, which less than a week ago Infinity  was beat by Dignitas on with a score of 0:16. However, our boys managed to focus on thinking about the most comfortable map and didn't consider the rival. 

On de_dust2, which was a pick of our boys, we saw an excellent first half by HR. However, 12 rounds in the attack might haven't been enough. The tough Swedish almost made a comeback. Although they managed to level the score (12:12), they needed more experience and composure to win the game. ANGE1 and Co. in their turn were the one to show good defense and to push the matter though — 16:13.

On de_inferno the victory was taken way easier. Having started in defense, our boys would make much less mistakes and without the extra stress managed to take 13 points on the defense side. The Swedish elite force turned out to be not that effective, and thus HellRaisers rapidly got a victory — 16:5. kUcheR was definitely at his best on both sides. He got 22 kills on de_dust2 and 26 on de_inferno. 

 Rustem «mou» Telepov's comment:

«After our vacation, we did everything we needed to and from today we start discussing and suggesting the game moments, which we have something to improve in! From tomorrow we are starting to practice. The match we played rather well and calmly. The only thing is that we had problems on de_dust2 in the defense, but we managed to brace up and win our map. Thanks to everyone, stay with us!»

This victory let our boys take the second place in the standings. There is more information about the eight season of CEVO in our report.  

Cheer for HellRaisers!