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HR.CSGO going up against Infinity today

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 HellRaisers vs  INFINITY @bo2
25.08, 20:00 CET

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, AdreN, Dosia, mou, kUcheR
 INFINITY: Maxaki, puffran, PyromaRnE, dejvin, jayzaR

HellRaisers are one of those to begin their path within the CEVO league eight season on August 25. Most teams have already spent their first matches, some of the teams managed to play even a few ones. Now it is our boys' turn to show themselves.  ANGE1 and Co. will have to play 11 battles, the first one of which is the game against the Swedish team Infinity. 

Scandinavians made it into the main tournament through the qualifying tournament, as well as our boys. During the last week they played two games within CEVO S8, which got only one point in, having played in a draw with the Poles from Dobry&Gaming. In a meeting with the Danes from Dignitas, Maxaki and Co. lost both maps, what is more, they lost de_mirage without scoring a point — 0:16. It means that the team hasn't got in shape and sometimes doesn't do their best. 

In its turn HellRaisers have come back from the vacation and are getting down to the training activity with a renewed vigor. Most boys are already in the base in Kiev and are positive-minded for the upcoming match. The Swedish teams are glorious by their shooting: this is exactly what HellRaisers may be lack of after a few weeks without the game. However, the experience and tactics should help HellRaisers to get a victory in today's match.  

There is more information about the tournament in our report.

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Cheer for HellRaisers!