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NickChipper & ShtanUdachi at the SLTV Season 1 Qualifiers

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About a month ago Lostov, who is also one of our Hearthstone players, ended his performance at SLTV Kick-Off Season with a great success. The organizers of the championship assured themselves of the fact that this esport discipline is interested for the audience and has announced the first complete season, which 12 strongest players from all over the world were invited to.  

There will be 16 participants. The last four quota will be raffled at the closed qualifiers: for CIS and international players. The players of HellRaisers, NickChipper and ShtanUdachi, have got the invitation to the CIS qualifiers; and tomorrow, August 22, they will play their first matches. If everything goes well, we will see these boys from HR in the main part of the tournament! 

The CIS qualifiers will run among 16 challengers. They have been set in the Double Elimination bracket, where the match format is Conquest. The winners of the upper and lower bracket will become owners  of the quota.

Match Schedule (CET) & Tournament Bracket:

Upper Bracket

 0:3   Rezakoman            
    2:1   Rezakoman        
         0:2   Kucha    
 0:3   Tataby        
     0:2   Kucha    
 1:2   Kucha        
            LIVE!  SLTV S1
 3:0   MoDPhoenixxx          
     0:2   PavelBeltukov      
 2:2   PavelBeltukov      
         2:2   ШтанУдачи  
 2:0   NuttyBunny          
     0:2   ШтанУдачи      
 2:1   ШтанУдачи          

Нижняя сетка

 2:0   Unwi                    
  Vega.Lucky  2:0   Unwi                
      NuttyBunny     Rzkman            
      MDPhnx       MDPhnx        
 NickChipper    2:1   MDPhnx            
 3:1   NickChipper                
                     SLTV S1
 0:2   FreiKuk                
  FreiKuk  1:2   Tataby              
      Tataby     Tataby          
         2:0  2:0   Tataby       
      Neirea       PavelB.          
  Lolopass    1:2   oldzwolf              
 1:2   oldzwolf                  


Cheer for HellRaisers!