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Hearthstone Café: NickChipper is ready to fight

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May 23 of 2015 our Hearhstone player beat two his rivals within the first stage of Hearthstone Café in Kiev, having become one of four owners of quota for the next tour. Such fights ran in every city of the planet, but the number of winners were different. And now, it is time for the second stage of the fascinating tournament by Blizzard. The second stage of the qualifier games of the Hearthstone Café championship will start on August 15. At this moment there are more than 300 players checked-in, and this number is being increased with every hour. 

In two days a huge number of players will fight in the single-elimination bracket with the best-of-five match format. The game mode is conquest. From all participants only four players from each region will reach the next stage. There people will go to France to continue fighting for the prize fund of $5,000 and the right to take part in the local qualifying tournament for Hearthstone World Championship.

The winner of the third stage of the tournament in every of these four regions will get a right to play in the qualifiers in Czechia, which will run from October 3. They will make it to those 23 players, who have the biggest number of points in their division. And who knows, maybe these very people will become the participant of the main Hearthstone tournament by Blizzard. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!