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CEVO S8 Placement: a Loss in a Footstep away from the Final

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 HellRaisers [1:2]  Flipsid3 Tactics @bo3

(16:13 @overpass, 11:16 @cobblestone, 2:16 @train)

As well as in the previous battle with Flipsid3, today's match started with a unbelievable series by the rivals again. On overpass Blad3 and Co. managed to take 11 round in the defense in the first half, having lost only four points. After the side switching Flipsid3 won two more rounds, which was followed by a huge turnover performed by HellRaisers. The opponents completely lost the thread of the game, and their moves were rather failed. As a result, HellRaisers answer with a series of 12 rounds and close the map in their favor. What an excellent comeback!

Cobblestone is the second map in today's match. Flipsid3 began in the attack and immediately started getting an advantage, winning round by round. It was almost the same situation as on the previous map, but this time HellRaisers didn't manage to respond properly. In the attack they to took only 7 rounds, which turned out to be not enough. The final score of the map is 16:11 in a favor of Flipsid3. 

On the train map everything went in the doldrums from the first minutes of the game. In the first half our boys didn't find their game, the score of which was unsatisfactory at all — 2:13. The very scary number overtook HellRaisers again in this match. Even despite this, the boys were doing their best to turn the course of the game in the attack, but, unfortunately, they didn't manage to do so. Flipsid3 are taking the second pistol round and together with it two more rounds. Good Game! 

HellRaisers are leaving the qualifiers for CEVO Season 8 and let Flipsid3 Tactics reach the final of the lower bracket, where they will have to play with the winner of the Team Kinguin and E-Frag.net pair. 

  Kirill «ANGE1» Karasyov's comment:

«Too much lost pistol rounds and too depressed state. After the difficult and responsible championships in Germany we didn't manage to have a rest, and it looks like it has some impact on us. It's a pity that we can't find our game to calmly play it. The complete mess, to be honest. I am personally very ashamed  to everyone, who supports us».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!