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HellRaisers are saying goodbye to the PGL Tournament

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 HellRaisers [1:2]  Team Kinguin @bo3

(2:16 @dust2, 16:14 @cache, 11:16 @inferno)

On dust2 the game didn't go well for HellRaisers at all — the bad coordination and individual mistakes of some players lead to HellRaisers not taking more than two rounds on the defense side. It seemed as though the elite forces had to feel more comfortable, but it didn't go this way in that game. By the way, talking about the last matches of the team on this map, it may be said, that the comeback was real. But not for this time. Maikelele and Co. were absolutely ready to fight against our boys in the pistol round, and it wasn't that hard for them to break the rival's attack at all. Two more rounds for Team Kinguin and the first map goes to their account. The score is 2:16.

The next battleground turned out to be the cache map, where it wasn't possible to define the leading five until the beginning of the second half. In the attack ANGE1 and Co. braced up and started to push the rivals, breaking their economy at the most important moments. One of the key economic rounds was saved by Rustem «mou» Telepov, who was one against three rivals and managed to destroy them. HellRaisers were way higher than Team Kinguin in rounds, but then started to lose grounds. When the game hit the mark of 14:14, HellRaisers mastered up and closed the 29th round in their favor. In the last round AnreN and mou were alone against the whole enemy's team, but this didn't scare them and they managed to beat the international roster of the opponents. The score is 16:14 and cache is being taken by HellRaisers.

On inferno Team Kinguin demonstrated the very strong defense, which our boys didn't manage to cope with. Two rounds in the attack is thought to be quite a good result, but playing on another side, HellRaisers braced up again and tried to recoup. Round by round the opponents wouldn't find the key to our five, dying in different parts of the map. The winning series was broken, when two players of Kinguin managed to come to the B plant and planted the bomb, which our boys didn't have time to defuse. Then there was one more attack by them and the map ends with a score of 16:11 in a favor of Maikelele and Co. 

 Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubayev's comment

«Hello everyone. It was a very unpleasant rival for us, talking about the style. In many situation it wasn't enough just a little to turn the game around. Maybe the reason is that I am playing from Kazakhstan, and I can't play to the full with such ping. Thanks to everyone, who supported!»

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Cheer for HellRaisers!