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NickChipper is the Winner of Plantronics Gaming Rumble 3

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Yesterday the tournament with a prize fund of $500 has come to the end. On his way NickChipper beat Brammerham, Blackout, and in the final he met Broodbrother, who was beaten by unbelievably strong decks of Nikolai. Warrior, Warlock and Hunter didn't let Bloodbrother win this tournament, and get the excellent headset by the tournament's organizers.  

 3:1   NickChipper        
     3:0   NickChipper    
 2:3   Blackout    
         3:1   NickChipper
 3:2   Inderen      
     1:3   Bloodbrother  
 1:3   Bloodbrother      


It's noteworthy that only 4 out of 8 players, who took part in this stage, got through the open qualifiers. By the way, Nikolai's rival in the final of the tournament is German, who got through the qualifier. He managed to knock out from the tournament such players as Airbrushed and Inderen. Thus, NickChipper has become the winner of Plantronics Gaming Rumble 3 and the owner of $500 with the quality headset! 

 Nikolai «NickChipper» Velichko's comemnt:

«It was the third and the final stage of the Plantronics Gaming Rumble tournament. Let me recall, that I got the invite at the second stage of the championship, having taken the place of F2K.Cipher. In this battle I used the following pickup of decks: Warrior, Warlock and, of course, Hunter :). On the way to the first place I had very dignified rivals, but I didn't face any big problems with any of them: 3:1, 3:0, 3:1. And here is, the main prize is mine. I was especially surprised that almost everyone had Druid in their pool, which is odd for me. I want to say thank you to the organizers of such long tournament. I will recall again that all three stages would run during two months. Thanks to my team for helping with the preparation to the tournament, decks review. Special thanks to all who cheered for me and always cheer for HellRaisers! From Hell with Love!»

Cheer for HellRaisers!