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HellRaisers beat Property

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 HellRaisers [2:1]  Property @bo3

(16:12 @overpass, 16:19 @cache, 16:7 @cobblestone)

On the overpass map both teams showed the dignified play, but HellRaisers turned out to be stronger. Despite the fact that HellRaisers lost both pistol rounds, the map was interesting and dynamic. ANGE1 and Co. took 7 rounds in the attack, which is thought to be a good result. On the  elite force side they managed to stop the attacks of the Swedish five without some difficulties, getting points round by round. A few more unsuccessful attacks by Team Property and the first map is coming to the account of our boys with a score of 16:12. 

Having taken a short break, the teams got back to the battle on the cache map. We could see an almost equal game again, and this time the team needed the overtimes to find the strongest one. Considering the results of the first half of the overtime period, the lead was taken by Team Property, who were defending. When the team switched the sides, the Swedish five continued to push. Property were doing their best to bring the match to the decisive map, and they did it. ANGE1 and Co. made a few mistakes in some moments and lost the second map with a score of 16:19. 

At the third time the teams went to the cobblestone map. HellRaisers started rather confidently and continued to play in such style until the end of the game. On the counter-terrorist side they managed to take 10 rounds, while on the terrorist one they had only to push the matter through. Team Property didn't want to give a victory to ANGE1 and Co., but in this match there wasn't a chance to play in a draw. HellRaisers managed to realize the last few rounds and got the sacred victory. HellRaisers are reaching the next stage of the CEVO Season 8 Placement lower bracket.  

 Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov's comment:

«I had to play the first half instead of Daur, who didn't manage to come on time. Well, trusting in the Capitan, I gave him AK and the side was played with a score of 7:8. Daur wasn't late for the second half though and everything went off all right. Then we presented the second map due to the stupid mistake, but on the third one, we didn't face any problems at all. See you in the next tour of this tournament, stay tuned…»

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Cheer for HellRaisers!