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The Victory over mousesports. How it was

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The format of the grand final did surprise many people, since teams had never met in bo7 series in competitive CS:GO before. It seemed as though HellRaisers, having got through the lower bracket, should have been tired, but they had to play one more meeting. Tiredness didn't get in the way of our boys and they managed to do their best. Although the game started with a score of 1:0 in a favor of mouz, HellRaisers were not abashed. The German team banned the de_inferno map, which meant that ANGE1 and Co would have to fight against the mice on the rest of six maps, including de_mirage and de_cobblestone. At some point the score in the series was 3:1 in a favor of mousesports, but our boys braced up and managed to take the last three maps and the champion title of Acer Predator Masters with the reward of $20,000. Enjoy watching!  


Cheer for HellRaisers!