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HellRaisers lost to Flipsid3

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  Flipsid3 Tactics @bo3

(2:16 @cache, 13:16 @cobblestone)

The first map didn't run by the scenario of our boys. HellRaisers started on the attack side and immediately lost the pistol round, which was followed by a series of lost ones. The enemies were doing everything better and thus would catch the players of HellRaisers all the time, not giving them a change to beat off the advantage. The second pistol round went to Flipsid3's account, too. As a result ANGE1 and Co. didn't manage to make a comeback without expensive devices. The score is 2:16.

On cobblestone HellRaisers showed their best play, but the final result turned out to be not in their favor again. The excellent shooting by some players of Flipsid3 from time to time would stop the attacks of HellRaisers without chances. Blad3 and Co. were really well-prepared for this match and managed to force the opponent down. The score is 13:16 and the Flipsid3 team gets a victory in a series with a score of 2:0.  

Thus, HellRaisers will continue their way at the tournament in the lower bracket.

 Rustem «mou» Telepov's comment:

«We played awfully. The flights did have their impact on us. We didn't have time to postpone the match and get prepared for it and, in addition to this, the flight of AdreN was canceled. Now we will be having matches during the whole week. We want to apologize to our fans.».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!