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Magnificent shots: APM LAN Finals Fourth Day

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HellRaisers have managed to get a victory over the German team mousesports in a tense match, having beat them in a bo7 series with a score of 4:3. The review of yesterday's two matches is available on our website.  

And now let's see what the cameras have shot at the last day of the German championship LAN Finals, which took place in Krefeld. 

E-Frag.net also lost to HellRaisers at the lower bracket final yesterday, but bubble wasn't upset at all and ended his path at the tournament with a quite good mood.  

At the last day, the players also could play table-top games and get off the cheat of responsibility and have fun. 

But the cameras work all the time! Someone is having a rest, while others are working and pleasing us with a wonderful pictures. Thanks to these people!

It never hurts to think a bit before the match, especially if such prize fund is at stake.

Are you tired, but the restless night is ahead? Get energy shots and you will stop thinking about sleeping, as well as our boys did!

mousesports showed their best play in the last match, but HellRaisers were ready for that. 

The champion trophy of the Acer Predator Masters first season and a bottle of beer among English commentators and analysts.

There were a lot of beautiful girls, including the stuff of TakeTV.

And here it is — the sacred victory! Congratulations to our boys on their first place and the award of  $20,000! 

In this heading the photos of TakeTV and hltv.org have been used. You can find more information about the Acer Predator Masters in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!