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HellRaisers are the Champions of Acer Predator Masters

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 HellRaisers [2:1]  EFrag.net @bo3
(11:16 @cache, 16:10 @cobblestone, 16:13 @overpass)

It had started on Sunday with a tense game against one of the most uncomfortable rival for HellRaisers — the Bulgarians from EFrag. Having lost the map, they had chosen themselves, HellRaisers didn't give up, but turn on the extra speed and didn't leave any chances for the opponents to win the next two. On de_cobblestone, which our team won with a score of 16:10, our sniper, mou, was at his best, AWP of whom would get decisive kills round-to-round, especially on the defense side. The team got in the zone and pushed the matter through in the tense ending on de_overpass — 16:13, and the map score is 2:1 

 HellRaisers [4:3]  mousesports @bo7
(12:16 @cache, 16:9 @dust2, 14:16 @overpass, 16:13 @train, 16:10 @cbble, 16:10 @mirage)

In the finals, the viewers got what they couldn't even dream about. The teams organized a real show, which was full of intrigue and intensity of emotions. The Germans did away with the de_inferno map, since we had already seen this map in the final. As for the rest — yes! 

On de_cache mousesports showed that they didn't feel any problems with entering the game. From the first second of the game ChrisJ and Co. started to skilfully stop the attack of our boys and at the end of the half, made a real handicap. Our team couldn't boast of such stability though, and lost a few important clutches, that lead to the 12:16 score.  

On de_dust2 it was ANGE1 and Co., who would show the effective attack and find the weak spots of mousesports' defense again and again. HellRaisers seemed to be really well-prepared for this map. Having taken 11 rounds on TT side (which is an excellent result for d2), HellRaisers just couldn't lose it — 16:9.

Shape our boys had got in let them show the fantastic play on the third map of this fight — de_overpass. After 12 won rounds in the first half (on the terrorist side!) there were not so many people to doubt that the map wouldn't go to the HellRaisers' account, but mousesports made a fantastic comeback and won that map with a score of 16:14. 

On de_train, de_cobblestone and de_mirage, it wasn't about the preparation or shooting, but the psychological and physical endurance. Thanks to the persistent trainings, HellRaisers managed to withstand this marathon and not only to pass it to the end, but came out as the winners. The last three maps of the final match have ended in a favor of our team, which has become a champion in one of the most epic finals in the CS:GO history.  

 Captain of team HellRaisers  Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiev's    comment:

«What can I say? We did our best, considering the condition we had been before, the maps we played, the number of these maps, scores and so on. We've just made the impossible, there is nothing to be commented».


You can find more information about the tournament in our report..

Cheer for HellRaisers!