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The Best Shots from APM LAN Final Third Day

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If you have missed yesterday's matches of HellRaisers, then don't fail to read the preview on our website. And right now we bring to your attention the best shots of yesterday's gaming day in Krefeld, Germany.  

On the photo below you can clearly see the part of the TakeTV studio, where the LAN Finals with a prize fund of $40,000 are taking place. The cottonwool surroundings and a sea of positive emotions!  

ddk never loses himself before cameras. Nice CS:GO with a bottle of beer gets even better!

Stage manager are the people, who are making the broadcasting for us. That's how their work place looks. There are quite a lot of interesting things here.

The Dignitas team seemed to be confident before the match with our boys, but HellRaisers did spoil their mood at the end of the day. 

Kirill Karasyov has been shot with a computer case in his hands. What was he doing, in your opinion? Did he try to steal it? Or was he just trying to equip his game place?  

A bottle of Red Bull braces up more than ever! Maybe this is the reason why ANGE1 is at his best during the whole tournament?

Small mistakes are not a reason to be upset, since you can't get better without them. However, Emil was upset.

The most muscular players of the Bulgarian team wasn't happy about something. Or maybe vice versa. Anyway, for the first one there are much more reasons.

The fun must be always present! Good glasses, nose, moustache, and beard! That's exactly what some teams are luck of during the matches. 

In this heading the photos of TakeTV and hltv.org have been used. You can find more information about the Acer Predator Masters in our report.

Cheer for HellRaisers!