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HellRaisers beat SK and Dignitas

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 HellRaisers [2:1]  SK Gaming @bo3
5:16 @overpass, 16:7 @cobblestone, 16:3 @dust2

The bo3 strife of HR and SK turned out to be very impermanent. Although the meeting ran on three maps, we didn't see the fight on none of them. On de_overpass, which was HellRaisers' pick, the Danes showed a «reinforced concrete» defense and managed to take 13 rounds in the first half. The attempts of our boys to make a comeback turned out to be unsuccessful, the first map was rapidly taken by Friis and Co — 5:16.

Our five started the second map in the defense, which definitely helped them to feel confidence, awake reserves and show their strength. The attack of the team from Denmark seemed not that good to disorientate our boys for more than four times. At the side switching HR came with a convincing advantage, which they managed to convert into the victory without difficulties — 16:7.

On the decisive map the expected strife didn't happen: HellRaisers were dominating during the whole game. The attacks of our boys on any of the spots were effective, while the Danish team didn't manage to find a key to the strategies of ANGE1. At the end of the first half, it turned to the huge advantage of 11 rounds (13:2). It was impossible to lose that game at that time — 16:3 and 2:1 in the series. HellRaisers win!  

 HellRaisers [2:1]  Dignitas @bo3

19:17 @dust2, 8:16 @cobblestone, 16:3 @cache

Our boys did want to got back at the team, who lowered HellRaisers into the lower bracket. Having picked de_dust2, HellRaisers put a serious challenge for themselves; however, they made it through with head held high. In this game we also had an overtime period, in which a few successful rounds on the terrorist side let our boys end the first map in their favor — 19:17. 

The game of our boys on de_cobblestone wasn't very different. Dignitas were ready for most moves of our boys thanks to the watching of the morning game between our and SK teams. Good shooting and almost perfect reading allowed MSL and Co. showed a strong attack.  

A day before Dignitas beat our team on de_cache. However, this time they were playing much worse. After the successful start the moral was increased thanks to the screaming of Emil Akhundov, which would go up all over the studio. The boys showed a confident defense and didn't leave any chances for the Danes to attack. The final result turned out to be devastating — 16:3. The match score is 2:1. The third Danish team in a raw have to leave the tournament by hands of HellRaisers.  

 Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov, the team’s manager’s, comment:

«We've changed the strategy and, putting it mildly, decided to take it easy lest nothing should put pressure on us. We stop warm-upping during 3 hours, now 20-30 minutes are enough for the setup and the warp-up.  You might have noticed that we stop getting up, and it doesn't get in the way, but help not to feel pressure because of responsibility. As for the matches. Against SK we picked de_overpass again and we are still sure about this map, in spite of the results. We walked twice into the same water, but it didn't really embarrass us. At this time we know how to fix it, if we have to play it again. Then it was de_cobbletstone, which as well as de_mirage with TSM, we didn't play a lot, but we also had some drawing for those, who thought we were not able to win this map. We rather confidently got a victory in it. Then it was our map. Indeed, they did chose their death themselves, since they were choosing between de_dust2 and de_inferno and picked de_dust2 to start on the CT side, which is quite odd, in my opinion. The match turned out to be interesting, but not that intensive. After that we took a rest, watched another match, had a lunch and came to play the second match. Dignitas is a hard nut to crack. All team, I have already mentioned before, pick de_cobblestone and de_mirage against us, since we do not play these maps, and thus they make us stronger on these maps; thank them for that, by the way… We won our map, not without difficulties though. But, unfortunately, we lost de_cobblestone again. But as for de_cache… We had known that in the match against us we were really luck that time, since we didn't lose them in the defense. It is three o'clock at night now and we are going to sleep. We will have one more hard game tomorrow, because our friends from Bulgaria seemed very confident. Cheer, guys, we continue to believe in us and you, thanks!».

The next rival will be the Bulgarians from E-Frag.net. The meeting will run within the lower bracket on August 2! There is more information in our report.  

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Cheer for HellRaisers!