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HellRaisers made TSM pack suitcases

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 HellRaisers [2:0]  Team SoloMid @bo3
16:10 @dust2, 16:14 @mirage

Sometimes our team are able to play like this. In the mood, confidently and qualitatively. How to take eight rounds in the attack against one of the best defenders on de_dust2 in the entire world? Our boys do know how to. HellRaisers were fully aware where the weak ties of the Danes on this map were and managed to bring their attack to the win eight times. Thanks to the clutches and the right aggression, HellRaisers didn't face problems with suppression of TSM's attack. The first map result is 16:10. 

The next map, de_mirage, was the pick of the Danish five. Affairs took on an ugly look. Our boys started on the weak side again and managed to dictate the fight from the first rounds. The teams were going equally and didn't give each other a chance to get the economy. Due to the qualitative clutches, HR got the comfortable minimum, having taken 6 rounds on the terrorist side. In the very important pistol round of the second half, the skilful knocking out of the A plant let them level the score, but the thoughts about an easy win were crossed out by the qualitative nades by TSM to the very plant in the followed rounds. Mou was definitely at his best with the sniper rifle: he became the most valuable player of the match. The score is 16:14 and the match one is 2:0. 

 Vladyslava Zakhliebina, the team manager's comment:

«I won't conceal that the boys are having not the best times right now. However, it was seen in today's game that they are still willing to win, that spark of victories is still flickering in their eyes and the best in ahead. I want to mention the perfect play of Rustem and all boys, who coped with the press of negative to them and showed a worthy game. I hope that they will keep this up. We always cheer for them, support and never despond. Go, HellRaisers, go!»

Tomorrow we will see our team in action again. The rival is still unknown though. You can follow the course of the event through our report.  

Cheer for HellRaisers!