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HellRaisers vs Dignitas: Results of the Meeting

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  Dignitas @bo3
9:16 @cache, 11:16 @cbble

After half an hour's delay, the tournament in Krefeld did start. HellRaisers within the first round of the top bracket were competing with the second in terms of power Denish team – Team Dignitas. The Psychological situation had been equal for both teams: they didn't manage to get a quota for ESL One Cologne and consider this tournament as a chance to fix everything. 

On de_cache the knife round was taken by our team; ANGE1 and Co took the counter-terrorist side. From the first round Dignitas started to dictate their manner of playing, but HellRaisers at the end of the half learned how to stand against the attacks of Danes. Dosia was definitely at his best, individual skill of whom let the team take a few more rounds. In the second half it was the time of Dignitas' sniper Nico. All attacks on the A plant of our boys turned out to be unsuccessful, except for one round — 9:16.

On the second map, de_cobblestone, the attack moves were not the signature of our boys again. However, the good teamplay on the counter-terrorist side did please. Having won only four rounds on the terrorist side, HellRaisers rapidly got up to their rival at the second part of the game. But a few tactic rounds let the Danish team not only disengage from HellRaisers at the score, but destroy the economy of our boys. ANGE1 and Co. had to make a few force-buy rounds, but they were turned out to be unsuccessful — 11:16. 

 Kyrylo «ANGE1» Karasov, the Capitan of the team's comment:

«I know what is going on with our team, but it looks like we are not able to fix it right now. We make mistakes in both simple and critical situations, in which you just can't fail. We, actually, knew every step of our rivals on every map, but we didn't use this right, while Dignitas in their turn punished us for every bad word and every bad nade. Bravo, Dignitas! Thanks to everyone, who supported us and who will support us tomorrow. We'll try to show our the rest of teeth».

HellRaisers will play their next game tomorrow. More information is in our report

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Cheer for HellRaisers!