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HellRaisers will take part in Acer Predator Masters LAN Finals

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What you have to know about the LAN Finals of Acer Predator Masters:

  • The games will run from July 30 to August 2
  • The venue is the TakeTV studio in Krefeld, Germany
  • 8 European teams are taking part
  • The format of the tournament is the Double Elimination bracket with the bo3 match format
  • The Grand Final is best-of-7 (!)
  • The first match of HellRaisers will be against Dignitas on July 30, at 13:30 CET
  • The prize fund is divided in the following way: $20,000/$10,000/$7,000/$3,000
  • The mappool is common: dust2, inferno, mirage, cache, overpass, cobblestone, train
  • More information is in our report

Krefeld is the German town (about 250 thousand population) with ancient traditions in different industries and the original culture. Krefeld is proud of its textile enterprises and the Helzen Berg Hill, whereon the numeral campuses of ancient people have been found. It is located near Cologne, where a week ago many participants of the tournament were qualifying to ESL One. An hour by train was enough for HellRaisers to get to the venue.  

The TakeTV company equipped the updated studio especially for the tournament. The viewers will have an opportunity not only to watch the team's games, but also to play in table football, air hockey and so on. You can find more information about the preparation from this video. It is in German, but, fortunately, you can turn on the English subtitles.  

HellRaisers have been having a some kind of bootcamp for a few days in Germany. After the tournament in Cologne, the boys didn't return to home, but equipped the place for training in Krefeld. Assimilation to the new place of living, climate and people do help the sportsmen show better results. 

These LAN Finals have their features. The most important and unique one is the seven maps final. The organizers decided that there must be a lot of games in the final stage, and that's why its format will be BO7. But teams will play not more than six maps, since we shouldn't forget the advantage of the top bracket. The winner of the winner bracket will begin the final with a score of 1:0 in his favor.  

The tournament bracket, match schedule and all necessary information are in our report. Do not fail to check this out!  

 Team Dignitas: pimp, Kjaerbye, aizy, Nico, MSL

The first rival of HR will be the well-known Danes from Dignitas. This young roster has also just lost the qualifiers to ESL One Cologne and is not in good spirits right now. The qualifiers have shown that Dignitas is a very strong team, and that they didn't demonstrate their real strength in Cologne. This team may be thought to be one of the challengers for a victory in this LAN. If the boys cope with the recent loss, they will be able to beat anyone.

 Team SoloMid: cajunb, device, Xyp9x, karrigan, dupreeh

The bookmaker marks one of the obvious favorite of these LAN Finals — the Danes from Team SoloMid. These boys have already visited many abroad tournaments, where they would differently approve themselves. For example, at the ESL ESEA Pro League Finals karrigan and Co failed, having taken the 7-8 place, and two weeks later they became champions of Spanish Dreamhack, having beat many strong teams without some difficulties. They may meet HellRaisers at the second round of the top bracket, if our boys win Dignitas, and TSM — E-Frag.net.  

 E-Frag.net: spyleadeR, viktor, bubble, Dream3r, nkl

The Bulgarian team has been recently signed by the E-Frag organization and gradually gains momentum within the European CS:GO stage. The Bulgarians reached the SLTV StarSeries 13 semi final, made it into the top three ESA Premier 19 teams and successfully started at Uprise Championship Season 3. On LANs these boys can really surprise, so that's why we can expect anything from them even in the first match of the event. 

 mousesports: chrisJ, nex, Spiidi, denis, gob b

At the second part of the bracket there are three local teams. The most formidable is mousesports. The participant of ESL One Cologne considers the home LAN as one of the most important stages of the preparation to the championship with the prize fund of $250,000. The high individual skill of this team lets them win many tournaments, however they still didn't manage to get a victory in any huge LAN events.

 PENTA: tabseN, stavros, strux1, Troubley, kRYSTAL

At the quarterfinal the mice will be facing off against the PENTA team. Having exchanged a few players, these teams have become essential rivals for each other. PENTA seemed to be weaker on paper, however the inner esports arena of Germany always pleased us with uncommon outcomes, and thus we definitely shouldn't write strux1 and Co. off!  

 KILLERFISH: oskarish, tahsin, am0, tonim, r0bsen

The APM Finals are rich of one more strong team. KILLERFISH have recently become authors of the European qualifiers to ESL One Cologne, having sent Flipsid3 Tactics to the lower bracket. But B1ad3 and Co took the revenge in the loser bracket match, and only then managed to prove their advantage over the Germans, having beat them with a score of 16:14. It's unlikely that one of the grands want to have this team as a rival, since it's known a little about them, and they can bite really strong.  

 SK Gaming: AcilioN, tenzki, Friis, SandeN, Berry

The three German top teams will have to compete with one more five, who represents Denmark, — SK Gaming. These boys have recently visited the Montreal world championship — ESWC 2015. There they left Titan with nothing (when they had KennyS and apEX) and Luminosity, but at the quarterfinal lost to EnVyUs with a score of 0:2.  

HellRaisers and Team Dignitas are to open the championship. Be ready to turn on the stream at 13:30 CET. There is more information in our report.  

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Cheer for HellRaisers!