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HellRaisers Character Win over Property

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 HellRaisers [2:1]  Team Property @bo3
12:16 @cache, 16:6 @dust2, 16:12 @inferno

Our boys have spent a not easy game within GO: Champions League. They showed the character and managed to beat one of the most perspective Swedish team.

Today's meeting started with tough de_cache. Unconfident start on the T side turned to the 3:12 score at the end of the half. But during the long period of time the Swedes wouldn't beat the defense of HellRaisers. And the score was rapidly leveled — 12:12. Then Property started to move faster and more consistently, which gave a momentary result — 12:16. 

On the second map the game on the terrorist side did go well for ANGE1 and Co. Although they didn't get a devastating score, the situation was under their control. The Scandinavians were not able to repeat it though; and after the side switching they didn't manage to take a round — 16:6. 

HellRaisers showed a magnificent comeback in the decisive map of the strife. The situation seemed similar to the first map, but this time the Swedish team didn't find a key to the defense of HR. Having taken 10 rounds on the CT side, Property looked rather unconfident on the terrorist one, and as a result deservedly lost the game. HellRaisers celebrate the victory — 16:12, and the map score is 2:1.  

 Dauren «adreN» Kystaubayev's comemnt:

«Although we were not of good cheer at all after the defeat at the ESL qualifiers, we did show that we still have teeth. The game turned out to be fun sometimes, we even made the small comeback. It is a pleasant victory before the next tournament. Thanks to everyone, who supported us!»

The next game for our team, but within another tournament, will run tomorrow. Subscribe for our push notification and you won't forget about the stream for sure!  

Cheer for HellRaisers!