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NickChipper will play in PGHR Final Stage

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Yesterday the final stage of the Plantronics Gaming Hearthstone Rumble championship has ended, in which Asmodai got a victory over Airbrushed with a score of 3:1 and got 50 pounds together with the headset. NickChipper lost to Asmodai in the semi-final match with a score of 2:3, having taken the 3-4 place. At the second semi-final Inderen lost to his rival with a score of 1:3. So, these 4 players are reaching the next stage of the tournament, where they will fight for the prize fund of 400 pounds.  

In addition to this, there will be four more rivals, which will reach the online qualifiers. Lostov and ShtanUdachi will take part in it and try to get a place at the main tournament, since the prize fund is quite good for such a small tournament. The details of the upcoming fight are still unknown, but the system, probably, will not be changed.  

Cheer for HellRaisers!