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HellRaisers Life is Real: Episode 2

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Tomorrow our team will be fighting for the quota to ESL One Cologne in Cologne. In the interim between the intensive trainings some of the players would manage to please the fans with moments from their own life out of CS:GO.  

Dauren Kystaubayev during the boot camp in Kiev did work on himself. It was not only about the game, but self discipline. Sometimes it's really hard to get up from the bed, especially considering the Vampire schedule of esports players. But Daur did manage to do so!

"Let me go, bed," he writes.

There is the freshest shot from the airport. It's a sin not to take a picture with Emil, whenever possible. Subscribe lest you should miss new shots by AderN!  

"Waiting for the plane in Cologne!" – he added.

Rustem and his girlfriend Anna took a series of pictures in the new HellRaisers team uniform. A selfie stick, smartphone and two smiling faces – and as a result such a beautiful shot! Even two!  

"A selfie in a new t-shirt,"Rus commented.

Mou recently has had enough flights for a lifetime. What can you do, while waiting for the departure, if not a selfie? Subscribe to him!

"Flights tier. Try to guess what cities I have a flight through and where to?" – Rustem left a sigh under this photo.

And here is our admirable manager Vlady. She didn't miss an opportunity to enjoy the sun in Odessa. She also shared it with her followers in Instagram.  

"Have a good day," – Vladyslava added.

Having returned to Kiev, Vlady had nothing to do, but enjoy the landscapes of the main waterway of Ukraine – Dnipro. The rose-colored spectacles do make Life colorful!  

"Pink and purple Kiev," – she says.

Vlady also shared the pictures of the new uniform. How do you like it, by the way? Follow her not to miss new photos, they appear there regularly.  

"A new t-shirt! GO, HR!" – Vladyslava wrote under the shot. 

More new photos from our team will be posted very soon. HellRaisers is in Germany already, and thus there will be a lot of reasons to make many selfies in one of the most beautiful countries of Europe.  

Cheer for HellRaisers!