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Coverage: ESL One Cologne 2015 Qualifier

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16 teams will be competing for the 4 invites to ESL One Cologne 2015 from July 25-26, and they will demonstrate everything they are able to. We expect a sea of unforgettable emotions and a huge amount of spectacular CS:GO!

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Tournament Policy

All teams have been divided into two groups with eight teams in each. The system will be the double-elimination bracket with a best-of-one match format. All matches will run on one map, including the final games for quotas. The group A matches will run on July 25, and the group B will enter the eSports arena on July 26. The tickets for the main ESL tournament will be given to two teams from each groups, they are the winners of the top and lower brackets. 


Slot to ESL One Cologne 2015 —  Kinguin 

Slot to ESL One Cologne 2015 —  Flipsid3 Tactics

Slot to ESL One Cologne 2015 —  eBettle
Slot to ESL One Cologne 2015 —  Titan

Mappoolde_dust2, de_inferno, de_train, de_mirage, de_overpass, de_cobblestone, de_cache

Fresh game reviews with players' comments you can fing here.

Group B (CET)

 19:17 @ovps   HellRaisers            
     14:16 @ovps   eBettle        
 19:22 @train   eBettle        
         25:23 @train   eBettle    
 9:16 @cbble   k1ck          
     8:16 @train   Titan      
 5:16 @cbble   Titan          
      k1ck         Titan    
  LGB    9:16 @ovps   LGB    16:2 @dust2  
 16:11 @mirage   LGB     Titan
  Epiphany      16:7 @inferno  
  Gamers2    16:9 @cache   HellRaisers      
 16:5 @cache   Gamers2          


Group B (CET)

16:9 @dust2   Dignitas            
     16:14 @cbble   Dignitas        
16:7 @cache   Property        
         8:16 @dust2   Kinguin    
14:16 @mirage   KILLERFISH          
     8:16 @cache   Kinguin      
16:9 @dust2   Kinguin          
      KILLERFISH         Dignitas    
  OverGaming    16:8 @mirage   KILLERFISH   16:19 @mirage  
16:8 @cache   OverGaming     Flipsid3
  PiTER      14:16 @mirage  
  Flipsid3    16:3 @cbble   Flipsid3      
19:17 @ovps   Property          



 HellRaisers: ANGE1, KucheR, Dosia, adreN, mou

 Flipsid3 Tactics: Blad3, bondik, markeloff, WorldEdit, DavCost

 PiTER: jmqa, waterfaLLZ, spiker, facecrack, dERZKIY

 eBettle: peet, GruBy, Hyper, rallen, Furlan

 Gamers2: innocent, SZPERO, mouz, MICHU, MINISE

 PENTA Sports: strux1, tabseN, crisby, kRYSTAL, stavros

 KILLERFISH: TONI, tahsiN, r0bs3n, J0hnny, schneider

 ROCCAT: KHRN, xartE, REFLEX, aslak, suNny

 Epiphany Bolt: sAw, xseveN, SAGGERTON, juhogodx, Twista

 Titan: shox, RpK, SmithZz, Maniac, Ex6TenZ

 Team Dignitas: Kjaerbye, Nico, aizy, Pimp, MSL

 Team Property: twist, zende, KAB0M, BENDJI, Dumas

 k1ck: DeadFox, flash, ZEN, raisy, KHRIS

 Team Kinguin: Maikelele, dennis, ScreaM, rain, fox

 LGB eSports: Mystic, jkaem, Polly, cENTRYZ, zEVES

 OverGaming: loWel, bladE, Aguila, rmn, mUttt