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HellRaisers end Acer Predator online part today

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 HellRaisers vs  PENTA @bo3
19.07, 22:00 CET

 HellRaisers: mou, ANGE1, AdreN, kUcheR, Dosia
 PENTA: stavros, tabseN, kRYSTAL, crisby, strux1

It's not a secret, that HR frequently face some problems in the games against teams from Germany. Their players usually have a ping advantage, which does affect the quality of shooting in a good way. However, HellRaisers in their turn have a strong tactical and gaming component, which is especially noticeable at clutch rounds.  

The tournament situation doesn't make HellRaisers win: the boys have already reached the Acer Predator Masters LAN Finals, so this meeting will have a rather training character, but with feeling of responsibility before fans. PENTA in their turn are to be highly motivated. TabseN and Co. are having three matches more within this league, and to guarantee a place at the LAN Finals, they will have to win at least two of them. In addition to HR, PENTA's players will go up against fellow nationals from mousesports and the Norwegians from LGB.  

The task of HR is not to allow PENTA to get through to the home lan finals. Will ANGE1 and Co. manage to do so? We'll find out today. The game is to start at 22:00 CET. There is more information in our report

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Cheer for HellRaisers!