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HellRaisers.CS:GO Five Best Matches

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Recently HellRaisers have demonstrated that they are able to beat any team, even if it is a current world champion. While the boys continue practicing to the ESL One Cologne 2015 LAN qualifiers, we decided to put the five best matches of the roster together and remind you about those unforgettable games again. Enjoy watching!

 HellRaisers vs  Ninjas in Pyjamas @cache
May 21, 2015
ESL ESEA Pro League, group stage

ESL ESEA Pro League is a league, in which maps are chosen randomly. In the first match against the Swedish team NiP, our five had to fight on the cache map. The early game didn’t go well for ANGE1 and Co — only one point out of 8 possible. Having taken the thread of the game, HellRaisers managed to get 4 points more, which didn’t look to be that critical anymore. Beginning the second half with a score of 10:5 in a favor of the Swedish team, everyone understood that the game would depend on the pistol round. A few mistakes by both teams and the player of our team put a dot in the second pistol round. HellRaisers were taking round-by-round, while NiP continued making weird moves. The score hit the mark of 10:10. HellRaisers took the lead, but Ninjas in Pajamas finally took a few rounds themselves, trying to catch up with our team. But not this time! A tidy shot by Emil ended the game in a favor of HellRaisers with a score of 16:13!

 HellRaisers vs  Ninjas in Pyjamas @dust2
May 23, 2015
ESL ESEA Pro League, group stage

And here’s the game against Ninjas in Pyjamas again within the same league, but on dust2 now. The match of 11th gaming day of the group stage started with a confident pistol round in a favor of HellRaisers on the defense side. On dust2 the attack of the Swedish team turned out to be way better than on cache. From the second round, NiP started to chase the score, not giving any chances to the players of our team to adapt to their style. But even 10 rounds, which our boys didn’t manage to take, didn’t scare them. They knew that their attack was even better. The scenario of this game was similar to the previous one, but at this time the boys had to find the strongest one in overtimes. Due to the team play and right mood, the victory was given to HellRaisers! kUcheR didn’t fail his team in the decisive round and made a tidy shot!

 HellRaisers vs  Natus Vincere @inferno
June 11, 2015
ESL ESEA Pro League, group stage

Recently Natus Vincere did get in shape, and their new player, flamie, made the matched roster up. HellRaisers tried Natus Vincere in one of the matches within the league for half a million dollars, having demonstrated their best play. Having started the battle on the inferno map on the defense side, ANGE1 and Co. lost a pistol round, but rapidly managed to find their game and change the situation – they took 10 rounds. After the side switching, both teams presented to us an excellent pistol round again, in which Edward got three spectacular kills at the defense spot. The most interesting things began at the score of 14:12 in a favor of Natus Vincere: ANGE1 and Co. found a soft spot in the rival’s defense and managed to put the game to overtimes. The next five rounds, HellRaisers did surprise the rivals, taking round-by-round on their account. In the decisive moment, the well-known Kharkov dyad didn’t release the expectations of Natus Vincere’s fans, having lost the last round. The final score of 19:16 in a favor of HellRaisers! 

 HellRaisers vs  Titan @bo3
May 6, 2015
Fragbite Masters 4, group stage

The battle against the French team Titan within the group stage of Fragbite Masters 4 turned out to be really tough. Only three maps were played in a best-of-three series, and they lasted the maximum number of rounds. In addition to this, on one of the maps the result appeared only in overtimes. On cache HellRaisers managed to get out of the situation and win the series of four rounds back, having got a victory. The second battleground was the train map, on which the players of both teams had to try really hard, since no one wanted to lose. Despite of unimaginable attempts of ANGE1 and Co, they lost the second map with a score of 19:16, but it meant that we would have a third map. On dust2 boys showed an equal game during the whole match again, but in the 30th round HellRaisers managed to get four kills without losing anyone in their own team. And that should have put an end to the game. And this is it! A bug! HellRaisers in a 5 vs 1 situation faced the computer pending. The surprised Frenchman came to the plant and, having got three kills, planted the bomb. Having stood still for a few seconds more, the two last players came back to the game, but didn’t make it to coordinate moves in time and died. Although the bomb had exploded, according to the rules of the championship, they had to «roll back» the game to the 15:14 score and simulate the very situation. Titan didn’t want to waste their time and gave up. Thus, HellRaisers won in this series with a score of 2:1. 

 HellRaisers vs  Virtus.pro @bo3
July 14, 2015
GO: Champions League, play-off

And, of course, the recent match against the Poles from Virtus.pro within the play-off stage of GO: Champions League. The first map of this magnificent battle was cobblestone. The players of the HellRaisers team during all 30 rounds definitely would do their best, getting unreal kills and rounds to the team’s account! In the last round, one small mistake of HellRaisers became fatal, but this motivated the players of our team even more. On dust2 ANGE1 and Co. showed what devoted fans expected from them — an excellent play, and they got a victory with a score of 16:10. For the finale, the teams tried their strength on the overpass map, and at this time the intrigue wouldn’t leave until the end of the game! The stunning play of the players of both teams did fascinate and pleased all viewers. Not without some small grain of luck in the last round, HellRaisers managed to get an advantage and that helped them get a victory in this match. The final score of the series is 2:1, and HellRaisers passed on, having left the Poles outboard. 

At that point our list came to the end. We hope that you liked the matches, which we had picked out. Leave your feedback in the comments below to make the future news better! 

Cheer for HellRaisers!