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HellRaisers signed two Hearthstone recruits

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HellRaisers always look for young, talented and ambitious players for different disciplines. We have been following the Hearthstone stage for a while, and thus we got a player in our team — Lostov. Alexey Fursov did inspire us for searching new talented boys. Today we are ready to present two new Hearthstone players —  Nikolai «NickChipper» Velichko and  Alexey "ShtanUdachi" Barsukov!

NickChipper has already approved himself within some LAN and online tournaments. He has already been a champion of Hearthstone 1on1 MA OPEN #26, Gfinity Hearthstone Cup for Free, Gfinity Hearthstone Cup for Premium and the Gfinity Hearthstone Summer Masters 1 qualifiers. 

Other achievements of NickChipper:

3-4 place — Gfinity Hearthstone Summer Masters 2 qual
4 place — Starladder Hearthstone Kick-off Season close qual
top-8 — ZOTAC Cup (EU), 4 times
place — Gfinity Summer Masters 1
place — 7th rating season of the EU region
place — 10th rating season of the EU region
21 place — 13th rating season of the EU region
23 place — 14th rating season of the EU region
41 place — 15th rating season of the EU region

 Nikolai «NickChipper» Velichko's comment:

«I always have been following the HR organization. They always do their best in different disciplines. And now I will represent HR in Hearthstone. I’m glad to have joined this team. I’m going to become stronger within it and definitely I will not fail the organization. Right now HellRaisers and I are a united body».

The second recruit of HellRaisers, ShtanUdachi, has become popular due to his phenomenal achievement. Just a few days ago he passed the mark of 20 thousand victories in HearthStone, 10 thousand of which were in the ranked mode and 10 thousand more at the arena. In addition to this, he has become a champion of the Hearthstone 1on1 MA OPEN 48 tournament powered by Sennheiser MIFcom.

Other achievements of ShtanUdachi:

23 place — 6th rating season of the EU region
6 place — 7th rating season of the EU region
4 place — 11th rating season of the EU region

 Alexey "ShtanUdachi" Barsukov's comment: 

«I’m glad to be a part of such organization as HellRaisers. We will grow up and develop together. As for me, I will do my best not to fail both myself and team and I will decently perform in tournaments».

 Maxim Bednarskythe general manager's comment:

«Today the organization is glad to announce that we have signed two more young and prospective professional Hearthstone players. I’m sure that Alexey and Nikolai will do their best to reach significant result within the professional Hearthstone stage. Cheer for HellRaisers!»

At the earliest possible time the recruit will hold a stream on their Twitch channel, and in one or two weeks they will play their first official games. Subscribe to our pages in social networks lest you should miss the stream of our boys!


Cheer for HellRaisers!