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Dread answered your questions

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Just a few days ago anyone had an opportunity to ask a question to  Andrey «Dread» Golubev. We have picked out the most interesting and gave them to the Lion. He’s found a time in his tight stream schedule and answered you. Enjoy reading and God bless you! 

Danon: What relations do you have with your teammates? Is it only about the business? Or are you a family like the Virtus.pro CS:GO team? (You shouldn’t say it about the current roster, I just want to know your attitude towards these things).

 Dread: In my opinion, it is not about the relationships, but the goals, which every player of the team aimed at. 

X-23: Everyone used to play the games just for fun. Don’t you think that such globalization of the eSports hurt the idea of games? Everybody is trying to get into this industry in order to earn something, but not because they are fond of this or that game. 

 Dread: Traditionally, those, who are doing this to earn some money, do not succeed. It is a bad motivator. You have to love this game.

KoXRiS: You were a professional player, a commentator and interviewer, you tried out everything. What did you like most? What would you like to repeat and how is it to be so popular?
 Dread: The brightest emotions (both happy and bad) related to the pro stage, so I think this is it. The popularity is a fleeting thing, so I’m trying not to get used to this and not to abuse it.

Erecbcrec: How do you consider a team’s morality and spirit? I think that most gaming problems caused by this kind of things, since there are many top players, but only a few pro teams. What is more important for you to drink a beer and have fun, speaking about something personal and friendly or to train as hard as possible to work out the team play? 
 Dread: It is very important right now and I consider it to be a very important aspect. On the other hand you shouldn’t spend all your time drinking with friends lest you should lose your skill! There always must be the golden mean.  

Erecbcrec: Did your popularity in the dota community affect you, in our opinion? Don’t you think that you get concessions, since you a crowd puller? Can it guarantee you a place in a top CIS team? It might be very useful to have a player, which is watched more than any top skill European or American player like Arteezy. 
 Dread: AXE 1X1 WITHOUT CREEPS! I WILL SHOW HIM WHO IS A TOP SKILL PLAYER HERE! Fans do make concession. Sometimes instead of the «f***ng moron» comment, I see something like «It wasn’t that bad». Popularity doesn’t guarantee a place in a good team. It is about skill. 

Erecbcrec: Why don’t old players show their maximum anymore? Why hadn’t you been given a core role before? Why does Solo with a to3 Europe rmm plays full-support, and why can’t Dendi destroy the whole team himself anymore? Don’t you think that the world game level is in advance of experience and strategies, and right now it is all about the reaction and practice? Or it happens because some people just lost their ground due to their personal reasons? Thanks in advance and God bless you! 
 Dread: I think it is all about the number of played games. Old players do not play as much as younger ones do. As for the support role, it’s very important to be experienced here. The reaction does play its role as well. And God bless you, too! 

kafitoila: Andrey, what place do friends and friendship take in your life? A classic question — does a gender make a difference for you in friendship? Argumentation is appreciated. Good luck, Lion! Rrrr!
 Dread: As older I become as more I start to appreciate friends and relatives! Rrrr!

krabsi_karasi: I would like to know how you see your career in the future. How long are you going to be involved in eSports, streams and so on? Are you satisfied with your results? Do you have some universal goals you want to achieve, or you have already got everything you wanted?
 Dread: I don’t plan for the far future. It’s more common for me to set intermediate goals and watch how it comes out. That’s why I can’t particularly answer this question. I’m rarely satisfied with the results, because always there is something, which is supposed to be fixed. 

Gumus: Andrey, how do you see yourself in old age? 
 Dread: Grumbling! 

kompressor: I guess I’m not the only one to wonder why ARTES has been replaced. After all, according to the streams, he is not a very adequate guy. However, we know how he was in the team work. I would like to know the reason. 
 Dread: He just didn’t want to play. He wasn’t interested in being victorious, he had his own goals. 

Fl1ppy: How’s your mood after the qualifiers? Are you going to continue playing professionally or will you completely switch to streaming? 
 Dread: As luck would have it! 

baraban_vegan: Will we see the sequel of the uncommon report? 
 Dread: Unlikely. )

mashii: How do you spend your offline time? What hobbies do you have? How do you separate the private life and work? 
 Dread: I prefer spending the offline time in bars!

volowitc: Andrey, how did you meet the young people such as Kudec, Vityusha, Wadda. They hadn’t been pro players, right? 
 Dread: Wadda had been a viewer of my streams from the beginning and I found him special. Immune introduced Vityusha to me. And as for Kudec, I do not remember, to be honest. xD

KirshimaWF: Andrey, are you going to feed Lepehu (Solo) in order that he stops saying bad things to you? 
 Dread: He’s doing great himself!

Alegarx: Andrey, when will Lineage 2 stop? 
 Dread: It already has.

Equak: Andrey, do you have a car or motorbike? If not, are you going to buy one? I recommend you something like this: 

 Dread: I wasn’t going to, but now I’m thinking about this.

The player of the HellRaisers WoT team is next in turn to answer your questions. Leave your feedback in the comments below this article about whom you want to ask a question next. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!