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Lostov’s decks at SLTV Kick-off Season

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Recently the first in the history Starladder Hearthstone tournament took place. The prize fund of which was 9,900 US Dollars. 16 players from the whole world took part in this championship. At the group stage Alexey «Lostov» Fursov got two victories without any difficulties and reached the play-off. He had many well-known players on his way such as Amaz, Orange, Firebat, StrifeCro, and finally Kolento. A spectacular performance of the young player from HellRaisers did impress anyone, and many interesting memes about how Lostov became a nightmare of Team Archon appeared in the internet. Alexey managed to reach the final of the lower bracket, where he met Kolento and lost in a tough fight with a score of 2:3. Firebat, the current world champion, has become a winner of this tournament, having beat the Ukrainian player from Cloud 9 at the Grand Final with a score of 4:3. 

Many people were wondering: «What’s special about Lostov’s decks?». And today you will find out what Alexey expected from the tournament. 

The first deck is Handlock. Well-known Warlock, which is played with heavy creatures and aimed at the late game. The first eye-catching thing is Zombie Chow. This card, actually, is not widely used, but it is definitely a good creature to take the early control over the board. Also we can mention two Ironbeak Owls, because usually only one of them is used. The further set of cards is quite common, but Ragnaros instead of Lord Jaraxxus does catch the eye, too. However, as far as you know, players chose their decks for the tournament, trying to surprise rivals and turn the game around. 

 Alexey «Lostov» Fursov's comment:

«Handlock is almost a common version. Since I expected to play against the control and midrange decks, I decided to make up this deck with a big number of legendary cards. I added Sylvanas and Ragnaros, which are considered as uncommon ones. I thought it would be better not to take Jaraxxus in order to control one of the most popular deck, Combo Warrior. And since I didn’t have Jaraxxus, there wasn’t a reason to pick second Shadow Flame. To make sure I also took one Zombie Chow to have more chances to win against aggressive decks and tempo mages».


It’s noteworthy that Alexey needn’t the second card called Force of Nature for the Druid deck. The presence of Zombie Chow do not surprise at all, since this card is used very frequently at the ladder, as well as at tournaments. 

 Alexey «Lostov» Fursov's comment:

«Druid is rather a common deck, too. I like playing this class, since it is stable and might work against any deck. 1 Zombie was taken to have less problems at the early stage of the game. Two Azure Drakes are an additional set of cards, and Swipe becomes a very strong spell in combination with it. Harrison laid there to help resist to Hunters and Combo Warriors. One Force of Nature was enough for a victory too though».



The last thing is that Alexey demonstrated his excellent Midrange Hunter, in which he switched two Webspinners to two Leper Gnoms, and explained it as «The hero damage is more important». Moreover, Lostov used two Ironbeak Owls, which played the lead role in some moments. 

 Alexey «Lostov» Fursov's comment:

«Hunter. Here the commentators might have mistakenly assumed that it was a hybrid deck. Actually, it is just common Midrange Hunter with Houndmaster, Snake Trap, Mr. Boom etc. Leper Gnoms laid instead of Webspinners, since I found the hero damage more important than any useless chip beast or any unplayable card. Hunter in this meta works quite good against most decks».

That’s all you need for a victory. Do you want to win, as well as Lostov? Do you want to conquer the ladder? Pick up any Alexey’s deck and do so. You will succeed for sure! And do not be afraid of experiments. 

Cheer for HellRaisers!