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Lostov extended a contract with HellRaisers

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A young and perspective Russian Hearthstone player under a nickname of Lostov has joined HellRaisers exactly a month ago. His main task was a good performance in the first Starladder Hearthstone tournament — SLTV Kick-Off Season.

According to the results of the championship Fursov managed to beat many well-known HearthStone players such as StrifeCro, Orange, Amaz and others. Having taken the third place on the final podium, he got an offer from our organization to extend the contract. Today we are glad to inform that all formalities have been arranged and the next half a year Alexey «Lostov» Fursov will be an inherent part of HellRaisers! 

As per the contract, Alexey is joining the club of streamers, too. At the earliest possible time we will be able to see Lostov’s first broadcasting. Follow the news on our website and pages in social networks lest you should miss its start! 

 Alexey «Lostov» Fursov's comment:

«Today I have sighed a long-term contract with the HellRaisers organization. This is a very important step for me. Such partnership will open for me some new opportunities. I hope that I will be able to please the fans with new victories very soon!»

 Maxim Bednarsky, the general manager's comment:

"Alexey approved himself during SLTV Kick-off and our organization has made a decision to extend the contract relations with him on improved conditions. We hope that it will inspire both Alexey and HellRaisers for new victories".

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