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HR.CSGO and GOCL: Virtus.pro is defeated

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 HellRaisers [2:1]  Virtus.pro @bo3

(14:16 @cbble, 16:10 @dust2, 16:14 @overpass)

The GO: Champions League play-off is at the very height. At this moment HellRaisers are at their best in this stage of the tournament as well. In the match within the lower bracket of the «champions league», our boys proved their dominance over the leaders of the Polish CS:GO stage — Virtus.pro. 

The meeting started on de_cobbestone. Our team has not been training this map in the first turn, and usually they crossed this map out in official meetings. But this time HellRaisers decided to try their strength on Cobbe. Their play was rather good in general, but a few mistakes didn't let HellRaisers win the game.

Giving up is not the HellRaisers's thing. On two followed maps viwers could see a very intensive fight. The most popular map of all time, de_dust2, was being played by our boys a second time in this evening. Although the defense against mousesports didn't go well, we managed to take 10 rounds versus Virtus.pro. As a result it became a ticket to success — 16:10. 

The de_overpass map turned out to be very pompous and interesting. It was the map, on which a team to reach the next stage was to determined. HellRaisers demonstrated their true character, having made a comeback after a score of 4:11 in the first half of the game. Moreover, the comeback was made on the terrorist side. What a good play — 16:14. 

Kirill «ANGE1» Karasiow's comment:

«The match was rather fighting, since on every single map there was an equal fight with a big number of important clutches. Today we managed to get a victory and thus we continue fighting in this championship. WP!»

In the next play-off stage of GO:CL we will go up against the winner of the 1337 and Gamers2 pair. This meeting will run tonight. More information is in our report.  

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Cheer for HellRaisers!