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HellRaisers losing points vs mousesports

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 HellRaisers [1:2]  mousesports @bo3
(16:14 @overpass, 10:16 @dust2, 8:16 @cache)

The match, that was considered to be not that important for both teams, the boys played at a high level. The teams would try something new all the time, testing fresh strategies in a competitive mode. On the first map, de_overpass, HellRaisers were definitely leading the way. They showed a safe defense, missing only a few attacks of «mice». The end of the match was very dramatic: although HellRaisers didn't find the right way of building their attacks, the victory was in their pocket — 16:14. 

On two next maps mousesports showed the play, which might be considered as almost perfect. From the very first rounds, they took the lead over the map and made a respectable handicap. It's noteworthy that ChrisJ and Co. were doing their best on the terrorist side: winning with a 12:3, while playing for the weaker side, as one would think, is worth a lot. HellRaisers were trying to show such confident play themselves, but managed only to cut the handicap. On de_dust2 — to 10:16, on de_cache — to 8:16. 

 Dauren «AdreN» Kystaubayev's comment:

«The game turned out to be hard for us. We were playing badly and usually we didn't even know what we were doing and a result we have such a devastating score for one side. Fortunately, nothing ends on it and we surely won't give up. Thanks to everyone, who supported us».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!