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HellRaisers.Dota 2: the Five Best Matches

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It's not that easy to count and remember all those glorious emotions, which the most bright, young and fervent HR Dota 2 roster would bring us during its being. However, we got our thoughts together and now are ready to present you the five most interesting HellRaisers' games! 

 HellRaisers vs  LGD Gaming @bo1
February 1, 2015
Dota 2 Asia Championship 2015, group stage

 HellRaisers: Rubick, Juggernaut, Omniknight, Night Stalker, Warlock
 LGD Gaming: Lion, Ember Spirit, Ancient Apparation, Clockwerk, Anti-mage

D2AC 2015 turned out to be the first serious examination for HellRaisers. The all strongest teams in the worlds came together to the LAN tournament in China, where they had to play a huge number of bo1 games within the group stage. HellRaisers in the battle with the Chinese from LGD took an excellent pick and very rapidly, beautifully and easily implemented it. Nothing was going on the map during the first 12 minutes, but then HellRaisers broke in and made a very aggressive pressure of the enemy's towers, which LGD didn't manage to cope with. The mastery playing heroes by our boys, perfect team and individual moves. Bravo!

 HellRaisers vs  Team Secret @bo2 (Game 2)
February 19, 2015
Dota Pit League Season 3, group stage

 HellRaisers: Zeus, Silencer, Bristleback, Vengeful Spirit, Tinker
 Team Secret: Enigma, Axe, Windranger, Rubick, Lycan

The game of the group stage within Dota Pit League Season 3 gave an opportunity to our five to implement an interesting pick. It's noteworthy that the beginning of the game didn't go well for HellRaisers at all, while the opponents were getting an advantage, using their main carry to the maximum. The turning fight carried out at the 22 minute, when Team Secret tried to destroy both barracks on the middle lane — a profitable exchange in a favor of HellRaisers started up «the conveyor». Tinker by Afoninje gradually were getting gold and even gave the dust to all other heroes. Undirected moves of some players of Team Secret did help HellRaisers to get back to the game, and at the 37 minute they managed to end this battle. By that time the advantage of our team was very noticeable, and the items of HellRaisers seemed more effective. What a great game!  

 HellRaisers vs  Natus Vincere @bo3 (Game 3)
April 16, 2015
Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015, group stage

 HellRaisers: Night Stalker, Earthshaker, Queen of Pain, Omniknight, Medusa
 Natus Vincere: Undying, Razor, Disruptor, Shadow Fiend, Batrider

The final match of the CIS Qualifiers for the first in the history Dota 2 tournament by the Red Bull company was very important for our team, since only one ticket to the LAN Final was at stack. Having exchanged the maps, HellRaisers picked Medusa as a main carry and came to the final straight. The situation was rather equal until about the 27 minute, when the very turnover at the Dire forest carried out — goddam, playing Earthshaker, chose the best moment to initiate and broke in three opponents. Natus Vincere didn't manage to do anything in that fight, not counting the only kill by Shadow Fiend. HellRaisers found the thread of the game. The purchased at the 51 minute Rapier for Medusa by Afoninje put a fat dot in that game, since Natus Vincere were not able to break this item out. An excellent team play and a deserved victory in Qualifiers!  

 HellRaisers vs  Team Malaysia @bo1
May 5, 2015
Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015, play-off

 HellRaisers: Undying, Rubick, Pugna, Ursa, Queen of Pain
 Team Malaysia: Witch Doctor, Puck, Luna, Visage, Axe

Red Bull Battle Grouds 2015 is a tournament, which HellRaisers got the ticket in the match against Natus Vincere for. Having arrived in Santa Monica, HellRaisers presented a lof of new impressions and pleased us with their game, even despite of the substitution of one player for the tournament final stage. The match of the play-off first day against the Malaysian team headed by Mushi is a good example of it. The fans of the lion saw his favorite playing the farming hero, which was implemented to the full. At the 15 minute Team Malaysia decided to attack our team, but the fight turned out to be unsuccessful for them — four players of the attacking five were in the tavern and HellRaisers took the lead. Having reached the enemy high ground, HellRaisers carried a huge risk, but a stunning reaction of Afoninje practically won that game — Axe instantly got Eul after his jump to the enemies and didn't manage to use anything. After that our team easily destroyed all buildings of the opponents on the middle lane, and after that did away with the top lane as well. Good game! 

 HellRaisers vs  Natus Vincere @bo2 (Game 2)
May 29, 2015
The International 5 EU Qualifiers, group stage

 HellRaisers: Dazzle, Undying, Ursa, Jakiro, Puck
 Natus Vincere: Ancient Apparation, Leshrac, Shadow Fiend, Shadow Demon, Bristleback

One of the most outstanding and important game of the former HellRaisers roster was against Natus Vincere within the European qualifiers for the main tournament of the year by Valve. As far as you know, the updated format of matches in that year presented more excellent games and unforgettable emotions. The best-of-two series started with a defeat for HellRaisers, but it didn't affect the next map at all, and the teamplay was even better. Although an interesting pick of our team didn't look as strong as the enemy's one, it was implemented to the full. Everything started with a disposition of the lanes — HellRaisers decided to send two players to the bottom lane and two ones to the top. From the first minute Jakiro and Undying started to behave very aggressively, killing the triple lane heroes. The next 70 minutes of the dynamic and interesting game were very spectacular, and it wasn't even possible to determine the leading team during this time. Both teams made some small mistakes, but it was fully compensated with stunning fights. A key moment of the meeting was a glorious ultimate by Ancient Apparation to all heroes of HellRaisers at the 80 minute and, having lost this fight, HellRaisers had to give up. Despite of the result of the game, the match was really incredible.