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SLTV Kick-off Season: Lostov takes the third place

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 Lostov [2:3]  Kolento @bo5

(Druid vs Hunter, Druid vs Rogue, Hunter vs Warrior, Hunter vs Rogue, Warlock vs Rogue)

The game started with a meeting of Druid and Hunter. Although Alexey was doing his best, the horrible start hand of our player did upset his fans. Having endured the attacks of the rival, Lostov cleaned the board up in two Sweeps and improved his situation. But it was a fight against Hunter. Kolento started to press the opponent again, decreasing his chances to win. Alexey could end the game in his favor, but he needed just two more damage points — the score is 1:0 in a favor of Kolento.  

As usual, Alexey didn't change his deck after the defeat and continued the meeting playing Druind, while Kolento took Rogue. An aggressive play by Lostov did approve itself, even though the Ukrainian player almost turned the game around, having cleared the whole board up. His only minus after this turn was that he just didn't have cards left, and the health points were at the breaking one.  

Then we saw a battle of Hunter by Alexey and Warrior by Alexander. Remembering the first game, we can say that the situation was repeated. Lostov had a good start, but it wasn't enough to cope with Warrior. The player of our team was effectively using his cards, but again in the decisive moment he was lack of one damage. This one damage again! The score is 2:1 in a favor of Kolento.  

In the fourth game the pressure from Hunter by Alexey handed a victory. Having set Dr. Boom in the 7th turn, Kolento used Stun on him, but in the next turn Dr. Boom got back to the battleground, having taken two bombers with him. Kolento didn't manage to clean up the board, because he risked dying from those bombs. The score is 2:2!  

And the last of all was well-known Warlock by Alexey. The luck was surely on the side of Kolento, since this matchup had not to be that good for Rogue. And the chances of our player were higher in general. Lostov didn't manage to keep the thread of the game and cope with a rival, and Kolento didn't need more — one or two successful combinations and the game was in his pocket. The score of the series is 3:2 in a favor of the Ukrainian player.   

Alexey «Lostov» Fursov leaves the tournament and takes the prize of $1,200 for the third place with him. Kolento reached the Grand Final, where he is playing against Firebat right now.  

 Alexey «Lostov» Fursov's comment:

«It might have been the most interesting and intriguing game during the whole tournament (if we take only my games). Everything depended on the last, fifth game. I had a bad start hand and the key cards, which could help me to take the board in the early game, came too late. Kolento in time drew all necessary cards to make a super strong combo and destroy my hero. GG!»

 Alexander «Kolento» Malsch's comment:

«An equal game and en equal rate of luck, but only one can be a winner».

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