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«Strength test»: Lostov against Kolento

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 Lostov vs  Kolento @bo5

10.07, 21:00 CET

It’s time for the final day of the SLTV Hearthstone tournament. In the card race there are only three the best players left — Lostov, Kolento и Firebat. Today the winner of the championship, who gets the prize of $4,000, will be determined. Today’s rival of our player will be the most popular CIS player — Kolento, who is playing for Cloud 9.

Alexander Malsch has been playing for the American team since July 1 of 2014, and during this period he has achieved unimaginable results. He has got many victories in the high class tournaments — the first place in Dreamhack Winter 2014, Viagame House Cup #1 and CN vs EU Season 2. In addition to this, he took the 5-8 place in the world Hearthstone championship in 2014, having lost to the Korean under a nickname of Kranich with a score of 3:2 in the series. 

 Alexey «Lostov» Fursov's comment:

«It’s hard to predict the result of this game, but I think that I have good chances to come out on the top in this series».

 Alexander «Kolento» Malsch's comment:

«I know nothing about my rival. I can’t estimate his performance at the tournament, since I haven’t watched his games. Anyway, I’m going to examine his decks».

Good luck to Alexey, since today he will have to go up against the real titan. Let us recall, that the winner of this pair will reach the grand final of the championship, where he will play with the American under the nickname of Firebat in a match with a best-of-seven format at 22:00 СЕТ today.

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