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SLTV Kick-off Season: Lostov beat StrifeCro

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 Lostov [3:1]  StrifeCro @bo5

(Druid vs Mage, Druid vs Rogue, Hunter vs Hunter, Warlock vs Hunter)

The game started with a battle of Druid and Mage. It's noteworthy that Mage started not that good, but the next top decking was rather excellent. Losing out in everything, StrifeCro drew Alexstrasza from the 9th turn, and that was one of the key moments. Lostov skilfully knocked the Mage's immune off, having kept 17 health points for himself. It seemed as though the American hadn't any chances, but the card, which came from the top of the deck turned everything around, since it was Thalnos. Two Fireballs and one Frostbolt from StrifeCro and the score changed to 1:0 in his favor. 

Then Alexey decided to play Druid again, while the American player took Rough. It was a quite common start, but the exchanges left the two players only with a few cards, but StrifeCro also had Sprint, which guaranteed an opportunity to skip one turn. Alexey made a decision to set the druid in a bear form on the board, while his rival had to use the spell to draw more cards. It was followed by Ragnaros from our player, which the opponent couldn't destroy. An odd attempt to survive for one more round from StrifeCro turned out to be unsuccessful — the score is 1:1.

In the third game we saw the mirror fight of Hunters. The most interesting part began from the seventh turn, when both players set Dr. Boom on the board.  StrifeCro also had the Loatheb card, but even this didn't help him. Alexey started to play aggressively, ignoring all enemy creatures and that brought him a victory. By the way, StrifeCro had an opportunity to win if he hadn't exchanged his snake 1-1 on the board, but he regretted the spell and lost — 2:1 in a favor of Lostov! 

The last of all was the battle of Warlock against Hunter. Handlock from Alexey seemed to be much better, and the matchup was more profitable. StrifeCro used almost all his cards and he could only keep the fingers crossed, but Lostov drew Ancestral Healing. Yes, the really decisive moment in this game was in a favor of our player again. Having only the spider on the board, StrifeCro didn't manage to find 11 damage points and gave up. What an excellent game! The score is 3:1 in a favor of Alexey!  

Lostov has reached the next stage of the lower bracket, where he will have to go up against the loser out of the pair Kolento and Firebat tomorrow. 

 Alexey «Lostov» Fursov:

«I think in this series I made almost no mistakes. I was playing aggressively where it was necessary and safely, when I was very close to the defeat. GG»

 Cong «StrifeCro» Shu:

«Good Game 🙂 It was very fun to play this match. I hope to play with him in the future».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!