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HellRaisers Life is Real: The first episode

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Dauren Kystaubayev aka AdreN turned out to be the most active in the social networks. July 9 Daur went to the match of the FC Kairat from his hometown of Almaty. He told about this on his page in Instagram. By the way, the Kazakhs celebrated a confident victory and now they are on the way to the next stage of the Europa League. 

«The games are important, but it’s always necessary to cheer for your team! Go, FC Kairat, go!» – Kystaubayev added. 

The photo gallery of Dauren was replenished with new beautiful pictures from the LAN Finals of the SLTV StarSeries 13th season. Despite of the unsuccessful performance, AdreN does enjoy what he is doing. 

«Love what you do, and do what you love», — he philosophies

Elya, Kirill’s wife, also publishes on her page in Instagram many selfies. This is the latest one. More on the link

The youngest player of our CS:GO team, mou, is not in the Lonely Hearts Club. The photo with his girlfriend Anne is one of the latest one in his Instagram. Someone said in the comments that they are «the best CS:GO couple». No doubt, they are! 

«It was the first time I was in the sky. I haven’t felt so many emotions for a long time; I’m not even sure if I had. Not a lot of people know how afraid I was. And I can’t say that I’m not. 🙂 Especially when you know what is okay and what you should be afraid of. But it was really unreal. Those clouds, huge and soft. I can’t help myself thinking that the kings are living there, even though I was there. I do hope that I will be braver next time. Thanks to #AirAstana for a nice flight, #ThousandFootKrutch for my favorite music and mou for not sleeping during the flight. I’m very happy you are with me, sweetheart . Hello, Kiev!»

«Sevaaas ❤ It’s a pleasure to be at home!» — Emil about his home peninsula.