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SLTV Kick-off Season: Lostov face off against StrifeCro

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 Lostov vs  StrifeCro @bo5

09.07, 17:00 CET

StrifeCro is a professional Hearthstone player, who has been playing for the Cloud 9 since June 26 of 2014. During his eSport career he has earned $35,900, and taken all the highest places in the standings — the 5th place among the North American players and the 3th one in the world standings.

Today’s match will run in a best-of-five format, and this rival will be a hard challenge for our player for sure. Yesterday the American beat the German under the nickname of Lifecoach with a score of 3:0, having kicked him out from the tournament. By the way, Lifecoach was, obviously, a favorite of that match. According to the Alexey’s words, it would be better for him to play against the player, who has left the tournament, than versus StrifeCro.

Anyway, Alexey is tuned to the game very positively and will do his best. The winner of this match will have to go up against the loser of the pair Firebat and Kolento, who will be also fighting in the final match of the top bracket. 

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