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HellRaisers Confident Victory over Acer

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 HellRaisers [0:2]  TeamSoloMid @bo3
7:16 @inferno, 11:16 @dust2

In this battle the Danish team had been a favorite. After the failed performance at ESL ESEA Pro League the Scandinavians get the confident victories online every day. HellRaisers put up a resistance to the best of their ability and shape, having shown a good play on de_dust2 in the first place. 

The rival from Denmark goldenly made their favorite work: the whole world is jealous to their defense on the de_dust2 map. They managed to take 11 rounds, and thus put themselves in a good position. However, in the second half of the map it wasn't that easy to play: HellRaisers know how to defend on the most popular map in the world and took 11 rounds as well before they lost the enemy match point — 11:16. 

 HellRaisers [2:0]  Acer @bo3
16:2 @overpass, 16:10 @dust2

The Swedish five didn't manage to fulfil their potential in today's match against HR. On the first map, de_overpass, the sea-kings couldn't do anything: their attacks were masterly stopped by our boys. Having gained the momentum, ANGE1 and Co. took 13 rounds and dominantly ended the first half. Our boys put a cherry on a cake on the terrorist side. The lost pistol round for schneider and Co. was followed by two lost force-buy rounds. HR won with a 16:2. 

The second map turned out to be de_dust2, as well as in the first match. Here a ticket to success was the HellRaisers' team play on the attack side. Right after nine rounds in the attack, we saw a good start in the defense. However, when the Swedes improved their economic situation, HellRaisers faced some difficulties with beating the opponents. The fantastic round by ANGE1 put the game on the final straight though. Having left alone against two, he showed a high level of prediction and got round the Acer players, who were trying to get round him. For making that he deserves the Nostradamus award, and the team does the important three points. The result is 16:10 and 2:0 on maps in a favor of HellRaisers! 

 Vladyslava Zakhliebina, the team's manager's comment:

«After the first match the boys made an express correction of mistakes, so that's why they were doing much better in the second one. We are at the Acer Predator Masters lan final's door. I can't even imagine what can keep us away from finishing the tournament in the top 8 and getting the slot for the final».

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Cheer for HellRaisers!