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SLTV Kick-off Season: Lostov win Orange again

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 Lostov [3:1]  Orange @bo5

(Druid vs Hunter, Hunter vs Warlock, Warlock vs Hunter, Warlock vs Warlock)

Alexey played Druid in the first game against Hunter by Orange. To be honest, the Swede had a very slow start, and this does matter in such battle. He totally lost the board and let the rival dictate the course of the game; and after a few turns he was defeated by the well-known combination — 1:0 in a favor of our player. 

In the second game we saw a simillar situation. Lostov, playing Hunter, felt confident in his strength and started to overpress the opponent. Orange could easily take the lead over the table, but he made a decision not to show the freeze trap up, which became a reason of his defeat. Having left two creature on the board, the Swede hoped that Hunter wouldn't have three extra damage points, but the Kill Command card didn't let down. The excellent play and the score of 2:0 in a favor of our player.  

Then the players exchanged their heroes and decided to please us with Hunter and Warlock again. This time Alexey was playing Warlock, and although he didn't make a mistake his rival did at the previous game, our player didn't manage to win. Orange started rather confidently, and the Lostov's health points were rapidly decreasing, which led to the lethal damage through the hero's ability. The score was 2:1 in a favor of our player. 

The last thing we saw was the mirror fight of Warlocks, or, more precisely, Handlocks. Yes, the players brought us a quite interesting spectacle. We can mention the moment, when Alexey could try to kill the opponent, hoping for the luck at the moment of the trap explosion, but he decided not to do so. The rather safe play made the game longer for a few turns, but at the end of it Alexsey got the victory, because in one of the decisive moments enemy Ragnaros didn't want to help his owner and missed a shot at the right creature. Well played! The final score of the match is 3:1 in a favor of Lostov. 

Alexsey reach the next stage of the lower bracket, where he will play against the winner of the Lifecoach and StrifeCro pair. 

 Alexsey «Lostov» Fursov' comment:

«If you had watched my first game against Orange at the group stage, which I won, you would have noticed that today's match was going on the same scenario. I was leading with a score of 2:0, then my rival won one game, and after it we saw the battle of two Handlocks. Last time I wasn't that lucky in that matchup, but this time the luck was on my side. The result is 3:1».

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