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HR Two Matches within Acer Predator Masters

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The regular stage of the Acer Predator Masters tournament is about to end. HellRaisers have only four meetings left within this championship, two of which will run today. 

 HellRaisers vs  Team SoloMid @bo3
08.07, 17:00 CET

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, KucheR, Dosia, AdreN, mou
 Team SoloMid: cajunb, dupreeh, Xyp9x, device, karrigan

The strongest Danish team and one of the most severe team at the world CS:GO stage, TSM, will go up against our boys today. Yesterday karrigan and Co. spent two battles within this tournament and celebrated two confident victories — over LGB eSports and SK Gaming. Before this the Scandinavians unsuccessfully took part in the ESL ESEA Pro League finals: in Cologne they were defeated in two bo2 matches of the group stage and dishonorably ended their performance, having taken the 7-8 place. 

In the online mode this five plays rather confidently and today they seemed to be favorites. Will HellRaisers manage to break the continuous winning streak of this team’s meetings — we will find it out today! 


 HellRaisers vs  Team Acer
08.07, 20:00 CET

 HellRaisers: ANGE1, KucheR, Dosia, AdreN, mou
 Team Acer: kHRYSTAL, wenton, slap, schneider, Samzter

The Swedes from Team Acer are very close to HellRaisers in the standings of the tournament. The instability of their roster (during two months it’s hard to say who hasn’t played under this tag) plays into the hands of the rough Swedes: they are able to beat most rivals due to their shooting and an excellent game feeling. Today the former fnatic player, Andreas "schneider" Lindberg, who hasn’t found a constant team since the Summer of 2013, will be playing for this team.

It’s unknown what to expect from the Swedes. It’s possible to say though that it won’t be an easy walk for HellRaisers, so that’s why it must be an interesting fight. 

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Cheer for HellRaisers!