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Team Archon again: Lostov go up against Orange

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 Lostov vs  Orange @bo5

08.07, 17:00 CET

The SLTV Hearthstone tournament is at the very height. Today we will see the battle between Lostov and Orange within the lower bracket of the championship. The game format has not been changed — it will be a best-of-five fight until one of the players win thrice. After yesterday’s defeat with a score of 1:3 against Firebat, our player still has chances to get a victory in the tournament, but his way is harder now, and there is not right to make a mistake anymore. 

It’s noteworthy that Alexey has already played 4 matches within the tournament, 2 of which was at the group stage against Orange and Xixo. Absolutely all rivals of the member of our Hearthstone team play for Team Archon, and there is no opportunity to compete with others yet. But, if Lostov gets a victory in a match against the Swede, he will have to face off against the winner of the pair Lifecoach and StrifeCro within the next stage of the lower bracket. Good luck to Alexey, the must is not supposed to be easy! 

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