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SLTV Kick-off Season: Lostov lost to Firebat

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 Lostov [1-3]  Firebat @bo5

(Hunter vs Hunter, Hunter vs Mage, Hunter vs Warlock, Druid vs Warlock)

In the first game we saw a battle between two Hunters. Continuous exchanges from the beginning of the game led to the game was being dictated by the traps. Alexey made a mistake, having not exchanged the enemy hero in one of the turns. After that Firebat got a needed card and registered the victory in this game — 1:0 in a favor of the American from Team Archon.

In the second game Alexey decided not to change the deck and played Hunter again, while Firebat chose Mage. Freeze Mage began quite confidently, but Lostov managed to seize the initiative and setup good creatures, hoping for the favorable continuation of the game. At that moment Firebat had on his board Archmage Antonidas together with Bloodmage Thalnos, whom he didn't manage to exchange. These two creatures pushed the lethal damage to the hero of our player in addition to the huge number of spells — the score was 2:0.

The third Alexey's attempt, but this time against Warlock. The extraordinary aggression of Hunter brought the expected result this time: being a footstep away from the defeat Alexey managed to get a victory. He decided to use two Kill Command to the rival's hero, ignoring all the creatures, and thus came to the victory.  

The final game was between Druid and Warlock. Demonlock by Firebat turned out to be very fast and confident — the well-timed combination of strong cards didn't leave Alexsey any chances. Thus there was no opportunity for Lostov to destroy Mal'Ganis and two more demons. The final result is 3:1 in a favor of Firebat. 

Thus Lostov «fell» in the lower bracket of the champioship, where he will have to go up against Orange. 

 Alexey «Lostov» Fursov's comment:

«The games seemed to be equal, but my enemy drew a bit better, and I made a few mistakes. Unfortunately, the score is 1:3, but I'm still in the tournament and will continue fighting.»

 James «Firebat» Kostesich's comment:

«Felt like he drew incredibly well with the hunter (He kept 3-4 cards almost every time), but I was able to keep him from winning in the mirror even after he had the first Savannah Highmane. 2nd game – Freeze Mage vs Hunter is Freeze Mage favored, but the double juggler opening from Lostov was hard to beat with no frostbolt, so I had to play risky and setup an Antoniadis on turn 7 that could die on board in order to 1.) gain back tempo. 2.) save extra life. 3.) If he ignores it, setup lethal. He tried to just silence the Antoniadis and SMOrc me down, but Antoniadis even while silenced pushed the 10 damage I needed to winWith the Warlock Zoo I had a narrow loss against the Hunter getting the 2nd Kill Command to kill me one turn before I killed him, and the series was now 2-1. However, he queued up Druid which is very unfavored against the Warlock Zoo, so I had a nice easy victory at the end to close out the match.»

You can find more information about the SLTV Kick-off Season tournament on our website

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