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Survivor from Team Archon: Firebat versus Lostov

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 Lostov vs  Firebat @bo5

07.07, 17:00 CET

Today the semi-final matches of the first Hearthstone tournament by SLTV are to begin. Firstly Lostov will go up against Firebat in a best-of-five format, then we will see the fight between Kolento and Lifecoach. The winners of these matches will reach the final of the top bracket, where they will find out who is the strongest one. 

It’s noteworthy that Firebat is practically the most experienced player among other 7 participants of Team Archon. On his accounts there are many titles from different tournament, and the most significant is the first place in World Championship 2014, where he won $100,000. Right now he takes the first place in the standings of the North American players, and the third place in the world ranking, losing out to Kolento and TiddlerCelestial. By the way, the Chinese player under the nickname of TiddlerCelestial has lost to Alexey’s today’s rival with a score of 0:3 within World Championship 2014.

This weekend we managed to take an interview with a participants of today’s match, where both of them have commented the upcoming game. Enjoy reading! 

Hi, Firebat. What do you know about Lostov?
 Firebat: Hello. I don't know anything about Lostov.

He has recently beat two of your teammates. Aren't you afraid of playing against him?
 Firebat: No.

How do you estimate his decks?
 Firebat: His decks seemed fine. Just standard stuff.. 

Have you played with him in the ladder before? Or maybe some friendly match?
 Firebat: Nope, never seen him on ladder or in tournament or friendly match. Hopefully he can make it to more events as card games really are about long term consistency.


Hello, Alexey. What can you say about Firebat?
 Lostov: The American, player of the Archon team, current world champion, medal winner of many tournaments and just an excellent player.  

How do you think who is the strongest player of Hearthstone in Team Archon?
 Lostov: It’s hard to single out someone, since everyone is playing at the same high level.

What is your expectations towards the next match against him?
 Lostov: I will try to play confidently and flawlessly. My rival will do the same, so the game must to be very dramatic and interesting. 

We hope that Alexey will get a regular victory within SLTV Kick-off Season Play-off and the score of the meetings will change to 3:0 in his favor. 

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