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Vladyslava Zakhliebina answered the fans’ questions

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About two weeks ago we published an article, in which everyone could ask a question to Vladyslava Zakhliebina. So, it’s high time to release the answers! Enjoy reading! 

oeg935: Hi, Vlady. What is a manager responsible for? 
Vladyslava ZakhliebinaHello! It’s hard to answer this question. We have a quite small team, in which everyone is “multifunctional”. At this moment, in addition to the direct duties of a manager, I’m responsible for the video and photo content from the events. That’s why if you want to suggest some kind of content from HellRaisers, I will be glad to listen it. I’m also responsible for the formation of a schedule and the communication with the tournament organizers. I also watch out for the social networks, and of course, the logistics (tickets, hotels etc.). In turn Sergey Bezhanov is responsible for the results of the team. We are trying to provide the best conditions for our boys. 

DoKeR: Does multinationality mess up the team? Will you change the roster? How has AdreN become a top fragger in the team?
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: we do not have any problems with the communication, if you are asking about this. Sometimes we face some difficulties with the paperwork, since it’s almost impossible to draw them up remotely and the players have to waste their time on flying. And the fact that the players are far away from their houses, relatives and friends has an influence as well. But we usually plan the training schedule in order that they might have the opportunity to meet with their families. I guess you’ve read the news that team made a decision to live in Kiev. At this moment the team has a task to build a single mechanism and make it work as one strong unit. As for the substitutions, we are not going to make them. Patience, patience and patience again. I hope we will keep this up. 

negativ: Are you going to stream?
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: I have already spent one. A new experience and new impressions. Right now I’m trying to master all the stuff. I will glad to see you on my channel. Do not forget to click on the heart (subscribing)! 

shadykz: When will the team start to please the fans? When will the problems with documents stop?
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: No team is assured from problems. But we are not going to stop fighting and training. It’s impossible to achieve something, if you don’t make an effort. Believe us, we are willing to win as well!  

snaiperking: Vlady, when the s1mple’s ban ends up, will he come back into the team?
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: Sasha plays for FlipSid3 Tactics at this moment. The time will show how it will be in the future. 

Dani_Kungurov2001: What tournament are you going to take part in? What does the team feel after SLTV 13?
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: Right now we are taking part in a few online tournaments and getting ready for the ESL One Cologne 2015 Qualifiers. We are going to master our play and of course to get to you with victories. After SLTV the team was very upset, but we took a short break, and now we are willing to go into the action. For sure we will have to work hard to achieve the targeted results. 

WLADISLAcheg: Vladyslava, why were you confounding and choking on words at the SLTV StarSeries Season 13 finals? Were you nervous? Well, anyway, the smile at the end compensated all fails.
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: I was very nervous, since I practically didn’t have any experience. Usually I am on the other side of the screen, and I’m not willing to change this position. I had to help SLTV though, and I’m not used to shrink back before obstacles. I will gain the experience and improve my skills =)

Tapesh: how is it going on the personal front?
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: Great =)

don-bebe: Vlady, I would like to know about the moral environment in the team. Can you objectively estimate Mou? It is also interesting what the boys are focusing on and what they are putting a priority on. Is it an individual shooting or a tactical aspect? Don’t you think that any emotions set the boys off and they begin to make serious mistakes? Do you fight with it? Despite of the results, I want to commend the boys. They are on the right way, improving their shooting and positions. Also I want to wish the team success and the strength to achieve their goal.
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: As for the moral environment, I’ve already answered this question before. Mou is an excellent player. He has perspectives for the growth. And I think if he doesn’t give up his aspiration, he will succeed. We are putting a stress on everything. From the individual skill of every player to the team play. A lot of things can set off the right course, the most important is that the players should be able to cope with it and do not let different factors have an impact on the game. Everything depends on the situation. Thanks a lot for the warm words! 

Vdikan: What relations do the players have? Do they quarrel?
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: They are in a good relationship. All players behave friendly to each other. We never have some serious quarrels. 

Sanzhar: When is the nearest tournament?
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: If you mean a LAN tournament, so it is the qualifiers for ESL One Cologne 2015 in Cologne. After it we will leave Germany and make the way to the Acer Predator Masters LAN Finals. 

NoobFromRu: When will your merchandises be available in Russian stores? Will the delivery be included?
Vladyslava Zakhliebina:  We are working on this question. I do hope that it will be available very soon. Follow the news on our website. We will let you know.

rohansamal: Hey, Vladyslava. When you guys started the organization what were some of the hurdles you faced? Also are there any special problems that only you face due to being a woman in eSports?
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: Hi! When the HellRaisers organization was being established we faced many outstanding issues. With the passing of time, we were slowly solving them: we allocated the responsibilities, hired the stuff, set up the website and 4 disciplines for now. I can’t tell that it was some big problems, but yeah, we had some difficulties. 

AlenGaming: Vladyslava, what Languages do you speak? Do you have a boyfriend? If you don’t, add me on Steam. 
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: Although I live in Ukraine, I speak Russian, but I also can easily switch to the Ukrainian language. My mother doesn’t let me add strangers on steam. 🙂

XavYeahZ: What's the best memories you've had attending an event? Have you been the target of sexism? How did you manage it?
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: Every event is unique. DH Summer’14 was my first off-site tournament with the team. As for ESL One Cologne’14, I remember that an hour before the departure my rucksack with 3 passports was stolen and we had to bear a hard trip around Germany to get back home. But it was fun though. ESWC is of course my favorite France and Paris. It was the first tournament in my life I visited as a journalist in 2011. And a lot more. Also I always fond of meeting with my friend at different events. Unfortunately, despite of the fact that it is the 21th century, the age of high technologies, I have. 

WannabePr0: How did your journey with HR & CSGO start? Any advice for someone who would love to be a manager? How to start etc. Ty 🙂
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: I used to be an SLTV newsmaker before I joined HellRaisers. In April of the previous year I took up a post of a manager in HellRaisers. Firstly, I had to combine the duties, but with the passing of time I completely switched to where I am now. I won’t pretend as though it was easy to combine. I had to work hard not to miss anything. For those, who are willing to be a manager: you are to be ready to the 24/7 schedule and not to be afraid of learning something new, since very often you will have to deal with the situations, which makes you to be aware of many things; and it’s hard to predict what knowledge you will need tomorrow.  My first experience was just a help to the friends in the organization and the team to get ready for different championships. Someone comes to this when he finishes his career. It’s different for everyone. The most important thing is to start. 

Acedia: Hey Vladyslava! Thanks for the time to answer questions. What kind of routine do the players currently under-go for practice and drills? What sorts of plans do you guys have to contend with the other top teams? Lastly, what has been your favorite part about being the team manager for HellRaisers? Thanks again.
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: I’m always glad to spend some time speaking with you! To be a good CS:GO player, sometimes you’ve got to do a not always pleasant work such as the shooting and smoke trainings. Sometimes you have to monotonically repeat the same exercises to improve your skill. The training consist of the prac games, watching demos, building some anti-tactics and improving the individual game. I can’t say definitely. I love my job! =)

Colapticus: Hi Vladyslava! Thank's for your hard work of being very important part of team Hell Raisers! I want to ask you, as a girl to girl, tell me please, in this IT world how did you decide to join CS:GO circle? Do you see an opportunity to successfully continue your job in the near future? (5 years later) And what guys from HR are doing in free time when you are not in leagues/matches/games (tournaments)? Best wishes from all my heart to you, Keep controlling those boyzzz! XoXoXo…. and p.s. is there any possibilities to get your signed HR t-shirts? If it is, please, let me know first!! 😉
Vladyslava Zakhliebina: Thanks a lot for the warm words! I was on the second year of study at the university. I just finished my sport career in the track-and-field athletics, which I was engaged for 12 years. One eSport website announced the hire of girls for the women's team csc.CyberAren.female. My friends advised me to try out myself and I rushed to learn the CS basics. I didn’t get into the team, but I created my own, in which I was a Capitan and later I was invited in csc.CyberAren.female. So, if you really want something, try to do it! I guess you will succeed! I don’t like taking a long shot. It’s better to live in the present and enjoy it. We will see how it will come out. ESport gives a lot of opportunities to realize yourself. The most important thing is to understand what you want to do. The boys live like all ordinary people. They have a rest, take exercises, go to the cinema, and go out with girls.

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