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Afoninje: «Changes were needed»

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In the interview Andrey told about the team during the qualifiers for the main tournament of the year by Valve, the team’s spirit, the last substitutions and a lot more. Enjoy reading! 

Hi, Andrey. The qualifiers for The International 5 have ended not that long ago, in which, unfortunately, you lost the right to visit Seattle. What did it mean to you?
Hello. It meant everything to me, since I play Dota 2 in order to take part in this tournament, actually. 

Why didn’t it run to the plan? What’s the reason?
Our team was suffering from the bad moral spirit before the qualifiers. I thought that the boot camp would solve this problem somehow, but happened what had to happen. 

Did you play the practice matches with the teams you had to face off against in this tournament before the qualifiers?
We played with the teams from the parallel group and in general we would get the positive result. 

Against whom did you play the most and why?
Actually, it doesn’t matter against whom to play. But, answering this question, I would say Vega Squadron. I guess, it's impossible to explain 🙂

Tell us who was picking the heroes during the qualifiers? Most people said that sometimes the picks were absolutely absurd. 
Usually, we were picking together, and the qualifiers were not an exception. 

Anyway, a lot of people remembered your skilfully playing Puck. Tell us, do you frequently practice this hero? Is Puck your favorite middle hero?   
I do like the heroes that require many buttons. I like when you are able both kill an enemy and escape from him.  
How do you estimate  your teammates' play in the last qualifiers? What did you remember the most?
If we used the 5 point scale, I would rather say that some players (I won't tell the nicknames) played for the mark 2, while the rest for 4.9. 🙂 Silver Edge as the first item for Ursa.

We can't fail to ask about the match with Natus Vincere, in which we saw a lot of action. Could you remember some moment, after which the game went downhill?
Actually, it's hard to do so, since there were too many fails both from our and the rival's side. But as for the fatal moment, it is that I didn't buy bkb. 

Had you prapared some tactics, that you coudln't realize in any of the games.
We had, but we just didn't have a moment to implement them. 

Also it is interesting to find out if there was the so-called dismoral after the defeats or the team didn't get upset and tried to do their best in the next game? 
Well, after every defeat the moral is going down. It's very important to psych up and just forget about the defeat, while focusing on the next game. That's how we did it. 

What predictions did you have before the qualifiers? Did you expect such a good play from Vega Squadron?
I though that we would take the top 1. As for the Vega Squadron team, yes, I did, since during the last month they were approving themselves as a squad, which is able to compete with every top team. 

How do you think, if HellRaisers had been in the group A, would you have performed better?
No, actually, it doesn't metter what group it is. If you want to win, you will have to play with the teams from other groups as well. 

Let's get back to the situation after the qualifiers. Having played rather bad, the team lost two players. Why ARTES and gorec? Were you able to play with this roster for some time or everything was so bad? 
I won't go into details, but I will say that we did need changes.

ubah and rmN came to take the place of them. Tell us about these boys. Is it comfortable to play with them?
We were in tune with Roman since Red Bull Battle Grounds 2015. He is a clever guy. And playing with ubah, I didn't feel any discomfort; but anyway we have to play more games to find out how he is in this game. 

During the last week you have lost Dota Pit Season 3 and Esportal Dota 2 League. Could you tell us about the next tournament for you team and are you going to play with the stand-ins again? Or are you going to take a break?
In the coming weeks we will be working like individually. We will be playing public games, ranked leagues and looking for the talented players. Perhaps, we will find the time to go to the sea. And, of course, we will be watching The International 2015.

And the last thing, who would you like to see as a new player of HellRaisers? Who you want to play under the HellRaisers banner with? 
I would like to see s4. 🙂 But, being realistic, I would like to play with the people who just adore this game and can sacrifice a lot for it.
Thank you for the interview, Andrey. Do you want to say a few words to the fans?
Thank you. Hello to all my favorite fans, relatives and the boys from Lunachary. I love all of you. Also I want to give my thanks to our sponsors — ROG и Twitch.

Cheer for HellRaisers!